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Neal Adams from Coast to Coast
Written by MN   
Thursday, 17 August 2006

Neal AdamsNeal Adams was interviewed on August 12 by Art Bell on Coast to Coast Radio, following a previous interview there with George Noory on March 16. Though the interview focuses on Neal's Growing Earth science project, it also touches on some issues of socio-political relevance. At 2 hours long, the broadcast is divided into three parts and can be heard at the following links.

But before settling back to listen to the recorded broadcast, some of the following observations might help provide a little better perspective as to where Neal may be heading with his Growing Earth science project and the increasingly frequent media interviews and appearances he's making.

Unlike other such interviews he's given recently, such as the one with Steven Novella who displayed a rather hostile sentiment towards Growing Earth Theory, Art Bell was quite receptive to the ideas and expressed his agreement to the logic Neal put forth. This contributed greatly to a relaxed and very informative chat. The increasing proximity of the broadcast media's interest in Neal Adams appears to be indicating that though the science theories are controversial, it is Neal's demeanor and his ability to explain the ideas in a captivating and riveting way, which generates an interest in the unique and alluring broadcast items his interviews produce. Based on this increasing demand for his interviews, media proponents seem to be indicating that Neal Adams, as a public speaker, is an enhancement to their broadcasts and evidently worthy of further pursuit.

Dinosaur FossilThe first part of the interview focuses on the plight of the dinosaurs within a Growing Earth environment, expounding upon the changing conditions which led to their extinction. Perhaps more than any other paleontological overview presented to date, Neal Adams succeeds in putting forth an all-encompassing scenario which touches on all the known issues regarding the size, physical construction and migratory habits of these giants which once roamed and dominated over the Earth. This is likely the most comprehensive analysis, told in exquisite simple terminology, available on the subject. Throughout this section, the environmental conditions of a Growing Earth become revealed as the primary factor in the eventual demise of the dinosaur species.

Part Two delves into the physics of Earth Growth and the issue of creation of matter which allows for the growth. Neal tells of the known precedents in science which point to the creation of matter being a continual process in the universe. This section expounds on the scientific community's misreading of the cumulative evidence available to it, and how the separatist specialization of the sciences has contributed to contradicting theories which may appear sound within any one field, yet remain inconsistent with the known laws of others.

The third and final part of the interview, however, reveals an aspect of Neal Adams, previously unconsidered within the scope of his Growing Earth project. Beyond Neal's views on the socio-cultural undercurrents of developing science theory, he also offered some guidance regarding our dependency on oil, seen to be a dwindling natural resource by some circles of ecologically and economically driven sectors. As the interviewer, Art Bell, pressed Neal to agree that we may be consuming more oil than the Earth can manufacture, Neal insisted that the evidence shows this not to be the case. He chose rather to point to the more essential issue that our dependance on oil as a primary source of fuel is unfortunate because the burning of oil is such an ecologically harmful act. Regardless of whether we have enough oil or not, Neal opined that it's preferable for us to develop viable alternatives, such as Hydrogen fuel cells, for example, which emit harmless and "drinkable" H20 into the atmosphere.

Leap of FaithThis section included listener questions, many of whom apparently pertain to the religious sector in the Bible belt of the Mid-West. Curiously, Neal has repeatedly given hints of harboring an interest in the Bible. He even made such a statement in the opening of this interview, but like all others previously, they've mostly been left un queried with any follow-up questioning. This part of the interview reveals that Neal is well aware of the implications of Growing Earth theory regarding the polarized tension between scientific knowledge and creationism based on faith. In answering a listener's question about the age of the Earth and universe, as postured by modern science, being contradictory to perceived religious doctrine, he answered simply and eloquently, that he doesn't see any relevancy to the age of the Earth with regards to the issue of personal faith.

In follow-up questions, Neal showed that Growing Earth, as a viable scientific study, can gain the support of the religious sector because it postures a continual creation of matter in the universe as a scientific fact. This, in Neal's opinion, leaves room for the presence of God in science, where present theory, which excludes the ongoing creation of matter as a possibility, doesn't. This is perhaps the most revealing item to emerge from the interview and one that Neal Adams has rarely touched upon in previous presentations. As is his outlook of our other social constructs, Neal is not moved by religious dogma which denies evolutionary processes that are scientifically evident in our world, yet he maintains a reverance for simple and pure faith - inherrent in the observance of intelligent design principles upon which our physical universe - and the forces which move it are founded. In a world within which polarizing social interests continue to drift further apart, it is refreshing to hear such issues addressed in a way which contributes to bringing fragmented social sectors closer together again.

It would be enough to consider that Neal Adams hopes to lead a revolutionary breakthrough in science by applying his ability to analyze the theories and explain them in a simple and understandable way, through a growing activity in the broadcast media. This is another issue he revealed in this interview, after all, that the ability to define a theory in simple terms adds to its credence and validity - a major hindrance of modern academic science which appears to complicate any idea with technical language that makes it even difficult for differing areas of science to understand. All this would truly be enough to consider, but for the social concern and leadership, coupled with the organizational, administrative and operational skills which Neal has shown throughout his life and career.

Justice for the Creators of SupermanVirtually single-handedly, Neal Adams raised the entire American comic book industry onto its feet from a beleaguered slumber, four decades ago. Not only through the innovative stories and art he produced, but also by championing the cause of creator's rights over their original works and intellectual property. Compelling Warner Brothers/DC Comics to provide a more just recompense for the creators of Superman, through a public relations campaign, is one of the more memorable highlights of Neal's championing the cause of his fellow comics creators. His concern, however, didn't stop with the creators, but rather extended to his environment in its entirety, to the publishers themselves, as he also guided DC Comics out of a declining era of sales, showing insight and ability to move mountains by providing corporate and buisness solutions for a struggling medium, much in the same way he raised what's perhaps the most renowned commercial illustration studio in New York, as a business enterprise, literally from the dust of the ground.

Neal Adams has also been outspoken on many sociopolitical issues of concern to the people in America. From government abuse of minimum wage laws and social security funding to perceived misconduct within the electoral process, Neal has defined the shortcomings of our generation of leaders with the same passion for truth and justice evident in everything he touches. There can be little doubt that he is capable of addressing and influencing issues of the greatest social, cultural, economic and political complexity - issues that remain of the most dire concern for the American people and the world community.

Capitol BuildingAnd so, as the sun begins to rise for Neal Adams, lifted unto the airwaves of growing media appeal, of the type that is catching like wildfire within the communications and entertainment worlds, one must wonder where it might all be heading to. Time will surely tell, but if Neal's achievements, charisma and passion are any indication, it's not unlikely at all that a seat of leadership in the halls of government would be a fitting and productive place for a man such as he. Ronald Regan gained the governorship of California through hosting a television talk show in the 1960's, as did Arnold Schwazzenneger, more than 3 decades later, through his popularity in the film industry.

The ingredients are all in place for the stirring of the revolution - and they are evident, in abundance, with Neal Adams. Times are such that the American people are showing signs of tiring from malcontent with their leaders, as we yearn collectively for a new spirit of truth and justice in the land. Neal is spreading such a spirit, throughout the airwaves, in the same way he's shown leadership and concern for the general welfare, within every endeavor he's undertaken.

So, kick back now, click the links above and settle in for a two hour ride with Neal Adams from Coast to Coast - and catch a glimpse of a new day dawning on America.

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Vedat Shehu  - Primary matter is a kind of the matter   |2008-05-30 01:37:36
It is an interesting trik of Nel Adams to concilate the dogma of the creation
and the elimination with the interaction, the transformation and the
Neal Adams' theory of primary mater contradicts by itself. If the
matter is creating permanently by the primary matter everywher in universe in
every molecular unit or in every central material point as for exemple in a dust
grain, intu a meteor or in every asteroid, cosmic body or in every star and
every planet, then it is not creation of the matter, but itt is only
transformation of one kinde of matter shape into another.
Besids this it is
inposible to accept that every cosmic grain or cosmic stony piece of asteroid
chunks to be grown , as it is impossible to accept that every stone in the earth
surface is copable to grow.
But it is reality that the Earth is growing as
every cosmic body shoing vitality as Earth or Sun. Some bodies have over-run the
growing process and some not. Certainly the growing process occurs through
matter interaction and transformation, which leads to development and evolution
and not to creation.
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