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J'Onn J'Onzz
Written by MN   
Tuesday, 29 January 2008
THE FOLLOWING PRESS RELEASE is provided for distribution to all local, national and international media outlets, to promote The Movement to Save J'Onn J'Onzz and The Superheroes. Help us spread the word and make a difference.

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In an age where popular media attention can focus on aggressively promoted deaths of long established comic book characters such as Superman and Captain America, a grass roots movement to save the Superheroes is rising across the comics internet communities worldwide.

Spurred by a rumor of potential candidates for an upcoming sensationalist death in DC Comics Final Crisis series, one comic book artist is trying to make a difference and convince the Warner Brothers owned publisher to stop the needless slaughter of its heroes.

Michael Netzer drew Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Martian Manhunter (J'Onn J'Onzz) and more, during the 1970's. He later moved to Israel and published Israel's first Superhero comic book Uri-On. While not producing any new comics work for more than a decade, he utilizes the internet today to keep abreast of comics industry news and commentary through a strong presence he maintains with his own web site.

Upon hearing that one of the candidates for a coming execution is a character he once drew, The Martian Manhunter, Netzer wrote an open plea to DC Comics, Take Me... But Don't Kill J'Onn, asking them to avert the decision, and even offered his services as an artist to help revive the Superhero in a new storyline.

Gaining support and coverage from comics industry web sites in America and abroad, Netzer transformed the plea into a full blown grass-roots movement to save J'Onn J'Onzz, providing banners, posting supporting comments from around the globe, and beginning a web comments petition to save the Martian Superhero.

Citing the recent sudden death of actor Heath Ledger, who had barely finished filming The Joker role in an upcoming Batman film, The Dark Knight, Netzer notes that Warner Bros. and DC Comics officials have said that this will change the marketing thrust of the film so as not to exploit the tragic passing away and loss of the actor:

"I turn again to Paul Levitz, Dan DiDio and the entire family of DC Comics editors, with a plea to learn from the profound lesson which the untimely departure of Heath Ledger teaches us about the promotion and marketing of our real-life heroes... and to apply the same measure of insight into the plans that DC Comics is making for the promotion and marketing of its fictional heroes. The heroes that are loved and heartfelt by comics lovers as themselves being quite real in their relevance to our own world. The heroes that have also become well rooted in our hearts, and in the hearts of comics fandom worldwide."

The movement continues to gain momentum and wide support in comics fandom, and has extended to addressing the redundancy of such drastic sensationalism in comics literature, calling for a more serious and sincere approach to the editorial handling of the Superheroes, that have become a cherished universal cultural mythology.

Michael Netzer


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