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J'Onn J'Onzz
Written by MN   
Sunday, 20 January 2008


Updated Resources
for J'Onn J'Onzz fans and supporters
calling for DC Comics to avert a decision
to kill The Martian Manhunter

Click here for
The Save J'Onn J'Onzz Archives


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If you've liked The Martian Manuhunter, and his presence in the DC Universe, and agree there's a better way to utilize him than to kill him in Final Crisis, then leave a comment below and let's help DC Comics know how we feel.

Sign the Petition to Save J'Onn J'Onzz
Use the comments form below
to leave a comment and add a voice of support in the petition.

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MN  - J'onn is an iconic character   |2008-01-20 12:21:13
From link:

I'm with Michael on this. J'onn at his best has been the
"Spock" of the DCU.

His realtionshiops to superman and Batman in
particular have always entertained me, including Chuck Dixon's quick take in the
new Outsiders series, where Batman lied to J'onn, and lost his trust.

should return to his silver-age roots, as John Jones Detective by day, manhunter
by night.

Give Michael the chance to bring this charcter back to his former

I loved Steve Eglehart's JLA origin of the 1970's that made J'onn the
focus of why the league first got together
Kevin Huxford     |2008-02-21 08:28:25
John and Michael are certainly right here. J'Onn is an iconic character that has
so much about him that can improve the potential of many of the characters
around him, let alone be viable in his own right when written well.
Samurai   |2008-01-20 14:41:13
I agree, don't kill off J'Onn, return him to his old appearance and mission.
Make him a super-heroic Manhunter, someone who chases down and captures villains
on the run from the law. Combine detective work and subterfuge as John Jones
(and other identities as needed) with good old fashioned hero vs villain
battles, and it'll be a hit.

Superman came to Earth as an infant, not really
remembering Krypton, growing up human. J'Onn, though, came to Earth as an adult
and had to learn and adapt, and is still doing so because of his alien
upbringing and life. That can be explored as well, and I'd like to finally see
J'Onn develop relationships with some human supporting cast, something he has
never really had. Supes has Lois, Jimmy, and Perry. Batman has Alfred and
Gordon. Even Red Tornado has Kathy and Treya. But J'Onn has never had a strong
supporting cast, and I think it's time he got some.
Thom Young  - Graphic Novel Reviews Editor     |2008-01-20 18:28:01
I agree. Don't kill J'onn. Steve Englehart's origin for the JLA in Justice League of America (first series) #144 is my favorite JLA story of all
time, and J'onn is the central part of that origin.
Zoiber  - Hello from Spain     |2008-01-20 20:11:54
Hello! I'm

I translate this initiative
for the spanish people. Just this moth is the 'Martian Manhunter Moth' here, in

Save the Martian, save the world!!!
Benton Grey  - Love For the B List   |2008-01-20 20:21:27
Hi, I'm with you, J'Onn is at the heart of the DCU, and his character is
necessary in his relationships with others as much as in his own adventures. He
has been the glue that holds the JLA together, and the constant friend of the
heroes in distress. I don't want to see a DCU withou J'Onn.
Crist  - From Chile   |2008-01-20 20:40:16
no escribo ingles pero aun asi
pido que no maten a Jonn Jonz

no lo hagan pueden
eliminar a
cualquiero otro pero para que Jonn
/cadenadebronce3  - Save The Martian, Save The Wor     |2008-01-20 21:13:43
Hi from Spain,

Let's try to spread this initiative trough the world from
country to country, from Earth to Mars...!

Spanish comic fans do support this

Save the Martian, Save the World...!
Chacaloncito     |2008-01-20 22:36:18
Don't kill the unique Martian Hero!!
Spanish comic fans still suporrting this
Bob Mitchell  - We're with you Michael!     |2008-04-04 17:58:54
Well done for doing this Michael! Lots of folk feel the same
Miqque Loveland  - Choose Life!   |2008-01-21 01:22:04
J'onzz is a critical counterpoint to Superman, and is required to validate the
existence of "last survivors" in the DCU. Please demolish and send to
oblivion the Smallville incarnation, which sucketh, and return J'onn to the
potent role he should fulfill, with an exellent writer like Mr. Netzer!

Lois Lane instead.
Jefferson Sergeant  - Netzer is Right   |2008-01-21 01:38:27
The Martian Manhunter is an incredible character who hasn't had the opportunity
to reach his full potential. We have seen glimpses of greatness in various
titles, most notably the Ostrander ongoing but the time is right to bring the
character to the forefront.

Mr. Netzer has the skill and the passion to
depict the Manhunter in a way that hasn't been seen since he first handled the

Team Netzer with Ostrander or Morrison and DC has another hit.
Mikael Bergkvist  - I wholeheartedly agree.     |2008-01-21 04:24:46
I remember that episode with supergirl, superman and J'onn J'onzz, and I read it
as a kid, in sweden.. and it friggin rocked!
Coco     |2008-01-21 06:12:29
Only for Colla, U_U

Don't kill unique green man of all times ¬¬
Ron Chevrier   |2008-01-21 07:26:40
Try giving him to one of your top tier writers instead of changing his uniform
and giving him a pointy head. Do not relegate him to the dustbin of comics
history because your ill-considered One Year Later revamp was a dud. Save the
Martian Manhunter.
Daniel Best  - Adelaide Comics And Books     |2008-01-21 12:00:24
Don't kill J'onn - kill everyone else in the DC Universe. All of them. One
gigantic big bang and then let's reinvent it all again.

Oh, sorry, that's
been done.

Ok, let's do a phone in to save or kill him...oh, hang on, been
done too.

Perhaps we can have someone break his spine..oh, been

Perhaps we can have someone kill him but bring him abck to life? Been
done too?

Sod it, kill him then. Looks like DC is totally devoid of ideas.
Hey, Johnny DC, here's an idea for you. When a writer runs out of stories, or
can't write a character, instead of killing it off, fire the writer and hire a
new one.

Ground breaking. Keep on keeping Michael! Save that Green Martian.
eli abe  - kill him!!!   |2008-01-21 12:17:57
then dc can bring him back to life after a year or two, starting with j'onn 1
"reborn" or "returns" or something and then people will buy lots
and lots of comics!!
Ricardo   |2008-01-21 16:40:41
Jonn Jonnz forever! Bring back his JLI!
Thomas  - save j'onn!!   |2008-01-21 16:50:35
Martian Manhunter is easily one of the best characters in the DCU and any sort
of killing of the character will be a shallow gesture to draw attention to a
comic that will already be very over-hyped as it is.
Michael Climek  - J'onn     |2008-01-21 17:56:47
J'onn is the bedrock of the DCU. As a member of every version of the JLA (other
than the current one) he deserves better than a cheap death to propel a Crisis

Save J'onn
Automatedorange   |2008-01-21 21:56:13
DC, please don't kill J'onn, he's one of the best characters you have!
Capitan_Charisma   |2008-01-21 21:59:48
OOOOH HEELLL NOOO!!! don't kill him he's a great character...kill
that guy deserves it.How many crisis do we need???....and for what? so 5 years
later the dc guys decide that they f**ked up something and the only way to patch
they mistake is to do YET ANOTHER CIRSIS...
EPL  - SAVE THE MANHUNTER!     |2008-01-21 23:25:42

cadenadebronce3  - More supporting...     |2008-01-21 23:38:54
Hi Michael,

I wrote yesterday to support your initiative as I knew it from
http://martianmanhunter fotolog.

I do spread your initiative today from my
fotolog http://cadenadebronce3, that deals with comic characters adding a funny
text and their profiles,
posting the original petition I received from
/martianmunhunter fotolog.

I'm also spreading your initiative and your banner
from my poetry blog As a writer I do recognize the
depth of the character and his unassessable contribution to the DC world, and
for extension to the world of the ninth art. It is not possible that such a
complex character from his early conception have to disappear from Dc

Spain fan comics do support this initiative...!

Save the Martian,
Save the World...!
Anthony  - Let J'onn live!!   |2008-01-22 00:21:39
One of the most interesting characters in the DC universe!!!
Davidas   |2008-01-22 00:27:15
MM is one of DC's greatest heroes. Killing him off would be a terrible waste.
Hal Jordan  - What side are you?i'm with J   |2008-01-22 01:23:14
Greetings from Spain! you have all our support.Our beloved martian cannot
Beware, mr Didio!Fandom has an eye over you!

Don't kill Martian
Manhunter!not now, not ever!
MN  - C'Mon, What is the matter wit   |2008-01-22 02:15:19
From link:"

Stop! Stop! Stop, killing off characters as
an excuse for a story line. Senseless and pointless carnage is not good writing
and killing off characters just to kill them off does not an epic event

The Martian Manhunter deserves not to die. Period. Kill off the annoying
Monitors, Anti-Monitor, Monarch, Superboy-Whine and other crud characters we
have been abused by you with having to read.

Save the Martian Manhunter, and
rid us of the real villains--the hacks that have pretended to be writers and
max  - from argentina   |2008-01-22 02:34:08
Mike Valiquette     |2008-01-22 02:42:53
DC, please don't kill MM, he's been my favourite character since I first picked
up his Super Powers action figure.
Joshua Pantalleresco  - One of the best     |2008-01-22 02:45:38
One of the most defining moments for me with J'onn goes back to Morrison's JLA
run where J'onn went toe to toe against Asmodel. Asmodel used fire to weaken
J'onn yet he never gave up.

He's one of my favorite characters and one of the
most interesting ones DC has made. He looks at the world completely from an
alien view. And it's fascinating.

Bar none, one of the coolest characters
ever. Save him!
Michael C.  - Don't Do It     |2008-01-22 02:58:41
With his rich, lengthy history in the DC Universe, it would be a crime to waste
this character who just hasn't gotten the attention and care he deserves. When
will this madness stop? Why is there a need to kill well-loved second-tier
characters just o boost sales? Whatever happened to well-crafted, original
Paco Peñaloza  - No need to kill him     |2008-02-13 20:36:50
It'd be a pointlees dead.

People like me who like J'onn will be angry and he's
not so very well known to the non DC comic reader general comunity, so, it won't
even made for a big event world wide, not even like Cam Am's dead. If you have
to kill someone do it to a bigger DC name.
Doc Celokunk  - One of the best Heroes of all   |2008-01-22 03:28:07
Dont Kill Martian Manhunter, one of the best. He is all that humankind should
From Spain...Don´t kill Martian Manhunter.
Stephen Schumacher  - Spare the Manhunter   |2008-01-22 04:36:51
I agree with the many cogent arguments posted. My own reflections about JJ the
MM was that during the late '60s he faded out of DC continuity, seeming an
out-of-continuity anachronism that was being retconned out existence... which
almost seemed like a good thing. But with Netzer's backup series, followed by
the Oreo-eating comedy JLA and his series core role in Morrison's JLA, the
Martian Manhunter took on a unique and satisfying core role in the DC universe.
But by far my favorite take on MM was the fantastic Ostrander/Mandrake series
(following up on their similarly green and great Spectre series) which was
practically the best thing published by DC during its long run. I have to admit
that I'm no big fan of his current elongated look and weirdo attitude, as
presented in the recent mini-series that I couldn't finish. Return MM to being
the Buddha core of the DC Universe, but don't snuff him for no reason. Instead,
dump the Monitors and Monarch and Exterminators and Eclipso and Granny Goodness
and other tedious murderer characters who have been congesting Countdown.
Thanks, Mike, for jumpstarting this petition with your nice new artwork.
J Kline  - Don't Kill Him   |2008-01-22 04:39:05
Unless you're going to bring him back in the very same miniseries like the first
time he died.
Reno Maniquis  - Stop the killings!     |2008-01-22 06:11:59
Killing characters is an overused device. And now, the axe may fall on one of
fandom's most loved characters.

I first encountered J'onn from Mr. Netzer's
backup stories in Adventure Comics (though I mistakenly recalled that they were
done by Mike Grell). But it wasn't until Giffen & DeMatteis' Justice League that
I've really come to like the character.

I hope this petition moves DC to go a
step further. Don't kill J'onn, and please bring him back to his original
Oscar Salazar  - Don`t Kill John   |2008-01-22 07:17:08
One concerned fan, all the way from Costa Rica in Central America, in hopes that
they don`t finish off one of the best characters in DC history. He even got a
decent suit for the first time in 45 years.

Whoever likes the manhunter and is
doing nothing to enlarge this petition is an accesory, so please, sign this
Axel M. Gruner  - Just Don't     |2008-01-22 09:39:20
Killing characters is an overused device. J'onn might be the most underused -
and sometimes the most human - character DC has. Hands off, dudes!
Mark Gibson  - Abject Conjecture     |2008-01-22 14:36:28
J'onn is the hub of the DC Universe. All other characters young and old should
be going to him for guidance. Maybe the editors at DC should watch Justice
League Unlimited to learn how to use J'onn in the DC Universe.

Perhaps J'onn
and Red Tornado should be given free hand in aiding the next generation of DC
heroes. Give 'em a Young Justice type team to guide and shape.

There are many
and varied ideas that could pursued all open and ongoing. Death is a cheap trick
and a creative dead-end. Unless you're going for another resurrection... gosh that would be
new and inventive.

Don't kill J'onn!
Jorge  - Save him     |2008-01-22 15:27:23
If the Martian is killed the League and the metahuman comunitty will lost an
important member, he´s the most powerful telephath living in the Earth
Jason Bard  - Spanish Batman Blog Joins     |2008-01-22 18:48:49
Always the same!! I´m really tired of comic industry making big stupid movements
like this. It was rumored for the past "Infinity Crisis" but if this
time it´s the real deal, is the definitive proof that DC is out of his

From my humble Batman Blog here in Spain, I join you in the plea for
justice. One of the best characters in the long history of comic books must not
die just becouse of numbers, becouse for us, the fans, is more than just a
"less known character": he is as inspiring and loved as Superman, the
dark knight, Spiderman or any of the big ones. And we want him to remain

I already put the banner on my site and writen a little on your cause. Of
course you have all my support and surely that of my readers.

Thanks for
Ron Fortier  - Editor Airship 27 Prod.     |2008-01-22 19:58:37
Rather let's kill off stupid editors and publishers who can't figure out how to
write a decent story without killing off
fan favorite characters. Worry about
writing good stories and leave the marketing to the business egg-heads.
Jim Alexander  - It must be harder to write a G   |2008-01-22 21:02:40
Don't take the 'easy' way out by killing J'onn. Old School characters that
haven't been tainted by death are becoming increasingly more difficult to find.
Let J'onn live!
Kent Phenis   |2008-01-22 21:54:45
DC should stop the killing and treat their properties with respect. While
Captain Comet may be the first super-hero of the Silver Age, he was viewed more
of a Flash Gordon type character rather than a super-hero. The fact that
Gardner Fox included J'onn in the new Justice League of America is the cement
that J'onn is really the first Silver Age super-hero. He has been treated as
dirt in the past, most notably in the late 60s, and deserves his place in the
DCU. I plea with DC to leave J'onn alone and let him shine as he should, a
staple and core of the DCU.
Rick Bennett   |2008-01-23 02:09:49
I don't understand why DC would kill the Martian Manhunter after making him an
integral part of JLA, Smallville, and The Batman. Would his demise be part of
all this? I've enjoyed this character for years and it would be sad to see him
James Woods - Freelance Writer   |2008-01-23 04:52:18
The Martian Manhunter is an old favorite of mine. I would be highly disappointed
to see him cut from the DCU.
Matthew Minnie  - Save J'onn J'onzz   |2008-01-23 05:50:52
Martian Manhunter is as Iconic character as much as Superman,Batman,etc.
keif simon   |2008-01-23 06:47:54
j'onn has always been a cool hero. hopefully dc will see teh support and not
kill him off.
Darren   |2008-01-23 09:26:15
Ex-squeeze me? Wasn't the death of an entire race enough? J'ohn rocks. He
deserves life - Lord knows. the Justice League wouldn't be the Justice League
without him.
Steve Cohen  - Moderator     |2008-01-23 09:47:12
THE MANHUNTER FROM MARS is an untapped resource for DC COMICS.
This character
has the potential to be huge in this decade and from now on.
I believe that Dc
could take him a long way by playing up the detective aspect of the character
and making him a CSI type of investigator, or maybe an X-FILES type
For DC to kill off a character with a 50 year historyis to tarnish
its reputation, please return DC to some of its missing former glory and sellig
power by keeping Jonn around.
Stephen Cassidy  - Do Not Kill J'Onn J'Onnz!   |2008-01-23 16:10:58
DC, it is "events" like this proposed idea that turned me off to buying
comic books in the first place. Since I came back to reading comics after almost
15 years, Martian Manhunter has become one of my favorite characters. (Primarily
because of the late, lamented John Ostrander/Tom Mandrake series of the late
'90s) Please don't kill that character just for a quick sales boost. As a comic
book reader, those sort of stunts are always transparent and annoying.
Hetor  - PLeasE !!!   |2008-01-23 19:05:20
No maten a jonn es el ultimo marciano y seria injusto que una raza desapareciera
asi como asi...

English translation: "Do not kill J'Onn. He is the
last Martian and it is a serious injustice that one race has disappeared as
well, so ..." -MN
Javier   |2008-01-23 19:34:22
Hello i am another pissed off DC comics reader from Spain.
Frank Lee Delano   |2008-01-24 05:47:02
What they said... except where I disagree and am too tired to fight.
Jeff L.  - save J'Onn     |2008-01-24 06:39:39
Why is death always the answer with modern DC comics when a character has fallen
out of favor? If nothing else, the Manhunter has become a brand again thanks to
the Justice League animated series, one it would be a shame to just write off in
the comics he originated in. It's unfair to judge a characters popularity and
enduring charm based on a failed relaunch series. To many fans growing up in the
80s and 90s, the Justice League has always included the Martian Manhunter. I for
one would love to see a project such as Michael proposes come to fruition.
Damian Maffei  - Don't be mental     |2008-01-24 07:27:50
To whom it may concern,

As an uber-fan of a B- lister from as far back as
memory serves me, I'm all too familiar with my favorite hero getting the
The ridding of the Manhunter from Mars would just be silly. What's the
reason for doing it? Because he's not the brooding, anti-hero that we aaaaaaall
love these days?
I'm sure through all the protest and promise, that the
storyline in question would sell and that's all anyone cares about, no?
But then
You've offed one of the center pieces, that as far as I'm concerned,
were and are the heart of DC.
Remember the original Justice League? Before
everyone and their mom's joined?
He was there! See, now you remember.

of cooking up this fodder to kill a familiar face just for the sake of doing it,
perhaps because his character has been allowed to veer off into no man's land,

And hey, I'm
not against ridding yourselves of some characters. I'm not that guy. There's
plenty of rubbish available in which you can give a fine send off! I'm more
than happy to provide a list to pick and choose from

That's my first demand,
and it's a two parter. Don't kill him (because remember, that's silly) and put
him in capable hands. I would love to see what Michael does with him. LOVE
J'Onn and Ray (Palmer), despite being in the same League and partaking in
quite a few adventures together, haven't really... even talked to each other.

So my second demand is more interaction between the Manhunter from Mars and
the Atom (unless you decide to off him as well).

Get to work on that.
Mark  - Don't kill J'onn!   |2008-01-24 07:57:31
Many years ago, DC took J'onn out of House of Mystery and the JLA because he was
too redundant and not selling enough of his own book. He disappeared from the
DC Universe for awhile. Then, he showed up in a little story with the JLA about
the Martians on New Mars, and then we saw the Michael Netzer story in Adventure

And we found out, he's really very interesting. If you think the
only way to deal with him is to kill him off, consider finding new writers that
have more original thoughts. You don't have to kill off characters that YOU
can't write. Let someone else write them.

There are no bad characters. Just
bad writers that don't know how to write them. A little paraphrase from an
artist DC used to respect (and I hope still does).
Robert K.   |2008-01-24 15:47:47
there have been enough killing of characters in the past couple of years by both
companies. Please don't kill off one of the most unique characters of the JLA.
Todd Gross  - One of a Kind!   |2008-01-24 16:58:40
Bottomline, J'onn is unique and cannot be replaced. There is no "legacy"
for another character to take over. Let him live!
Russ Cross  - n/a     |2008-01-24 21:28:03
Please do not kill the Martian.
Dale Gonsalves  - Enough already   |2008-01-25 02:21:35
Decided to give comics a break and guess what I AM NOT MISSING IT !!!

to the big 2 for providing some of the most boring crap in my nearly 20 years of
reading (except Geoff Johns and Ed Brubaker)

I will be returning in another
couple months, but DC is really trying hard to get me to quit completely, first
with this Death of the New Gods nonsense and now this "Let's kill J'onn"

Mr Dido seems almost as lacking in ideas as Joe Quesada over at Marvel
mordicai  - J'Onn is amazing.     |2008-01-25 05:41:27
Oh J'Onny boy...
rob kelly  - the shrine chimes in     |2008-01-25 22:02:03

your mentioning of the Shrine got me finally to write

thanks for all this effort!
GRILLO   |2008-01-28 12:16:35
aguante marciano!!!!!

Eng: "Power to the Martian!!!!!"
Russell Burbage  - J'onn Rocks!   |2008-01-27 00:56:28
J'onn is one of my all-time favorites. Of course, I'm also a fan of Aquaman,
Hawkwoman, the Atom, and Red Tornado, so I guess I like the "losers." DC
is making a lot of mistakes now, and all I can say is, I miss Jeanette Kahn!!!
Jorge from Argentina  - Save the martian, save the mul   |2008-01-27 05:24:57

Don't kill J'onn, without him doesn't
exist the silver age or the justice league.

No maten a J'onn, sin él no
existiria la era de plata ni la liga de la justicia.
Mister Perturbed  - Enough Death Already   |2008-01-27 07:25:12
Has not there been enough death and boredom.
Clayton Cooke   |2008-01-27 12:02:37
I wouldn't have cared much if they had killed him, honestly. Just because it's a
totally expected card to play these days... yawn.

BUT! I will say, that the
possibility of Mr. Netzer working on the title instead of him dying, that's
really sparked my interest. Really like to see where he goes with it if given
the chance of a trade off, that takes balls and it's an interesting dare, and
the idea of that makes me 100 times more likely to actually buy a Martian
Manhunter comic than DC killing him off and ressurecting him... which I could
give a crap about and won't spend money on.
Terrence Willitts  - 770 Days     |2008-01-28 03:49:53
J'onn J'onzz, aka The Martian Manhunter, is one of the most appreciated and most
misused characters in the DCU.

To kill off J'onn, without some story-based
need for him to die (preferably temporarily) is plain old lazy - it seems that
the answer, too often these days is to kill off a character when the creators
are not sure what to do with them any more.

The X-men comic was in the same
situation when a young mail room worker named Chris came along...
arun  - some love for J'onzz   |2008-01-28 05:55:46
I grew up on the BATMAN cartoon and watched all of the DC cartoons on TV. I
seriously got into comics about three or four years ago, and I've grown far
closer to J'onn J'onzz in the past couple of years. I recently attended the
comicon in Baltimore, at which point I asked when Martian Manhunter would have
his own comic. Ironically, I was wearing a Superboy T-shirt, another character
with whom I grew close just before he was felled. I couldn't stand to lose
another hero, just because there is a dramatic need to kill someone. Its kinda
like the movie "Stranger Than Fiction." I wish his reboot had gone over
a bit better, or they had just started a comic line for him that was written
really well. He almost writes himself, he is such a complex character with
boundless potential. I felt the same about Superboy. Its like the good shows
on TV that get canceled. J'onn J'onzz has gotten the cheap end as far as I'm
concerned, and if he's killed, it would be shameful. I would personally be
hurt. If your idea works I would certainly collect the resulting comic for
years to come. I loved his reboot, even though I had some criticisms. I think
I just love J'onn J'onzz. I think it is his tragic loss that makes this
possibility so plausible, and also so upsetting. Please don't do it DC, you
don't need to.
arun  - re: some love for J'Onzz   |2008-01-28 06:41:16
a bit more to say... I got the Showcase special, and I've read most of it. When
I think about it, if they kill J'onn J'onzz, I might stop collecting DC(at the
very least, as much as I have been). He's possibly my favorite character -
equal with Superman and Batman. Not to be misunderstood as a threat or
criticism to anyone reading this from DC, just as an honest statement and
reaction. I just hope these reactions aren't being used as an argument for how
meaningful the loss would be. I love all of the recent work. Its amazing.
However, this might be too much for me to handle. I'm sure I speak for
Mario  - Save J'onn   |2008-01-28 17:59:00
Don't kill one of my favorite Superheros, save the multiverse
Bo8a_Fett  - Save J'onn   |2008-01-29 06:06:22
Do Not Kill J'onn off....period
The Toyroom  - Save J'Onn   |2008-01-29 06:09:18
Since the OYL revamp didn't seem to work for ol' JJ, why not revert him to his
classic look and give him a new monthly "split" book that he can share
with the ORIGINAL Aquaman?
Starbuk  - WTF ?   |2008-01-29 06:38:38
Leave J'onn alone DC !
How about Killing off someone LESS interesting like
Vixen or Firestorm ?
Mr.Thomson  - C'mon     |2008-01-30 06:36:51
Don't Kill J'onn... pleace. he's the great and classic Superhero from DC.

kill Martian Manhunter, DC will kill the dreams of a little fan...


(C'mon, Acuaman suks!)
Steve Rogers   |2008-01-30 13:11:55
This is the reason I read few new comics anymore. The present state of the DC
Universe is laughable at best and pitiful at the worst. I didn't start reading
comics to be depressed and killing off major characters is a sorry substitute
for an interesting storyline. I sincerely hope DC changes their mind about
Martian Manhunter and listens to those who really love the character.
bug   |2008-01-30 18:30:12
AirDave817     |2008-01-30 20:04:56
He's one of the founding members of the Justice League of America, and has
played a pivotal role throughout the Silver and Modern Age!
Tue Sorensen   |2008-01-31 03:10:37
I was never really a big fan of the Manhunter - until now! This movement is a
touching gesture, and DC will catch hell if they kill the character anyway! :-)
Luis Carr   |2008-01-31 03:14:52
What the hell!! Martian Manhunter is one of the BEST characters in the DC
Universe. Killing him off is just CRAZY! Let me tell you one thing, I'm one of
the ones that thought that the whole "death" of Superman was one big
waste of time. Yes it boosted sales - temporarily, but the quality of the
stories was not improved.
Please DC, as a loyal reader for many years I beg you
David Farley   |2008-01-31 03:21:44
Stop killing Iconic characters just because you can! Please! J'onn is one of the
best character in the DC universe
Cindy Healy  - A lazy writer's way out   |2008-02-01 01:23:22
So what's a character gotta do to stay alive these days. I guess being on TV in
Justice League and Smallville isn't enough.
DC, you should go ahead and off the
character ONLY if you admit you have no ideas whatsoever and this was the only
option left.
BRIAN POSTMAN  - DON'T KILL OFF THE GREEN GUY!     |2008-02-04 00:10:52
i remember mike netzer's work from the 70's....especially those nice martian
manhunter issues inked by terry austin...i was in sva in will eisner's class
right around that time hoping to break in to marvel or dc....anyway,its a shame
dc isn't saavy enough to keep a classic charactor like this alive,and also smart
enough to give netzer a martian manhunter book!.....judging from the drawings
he's recentely done,i think he could cetainly show dc's current "new"
"hot" artists how it's done....he was certainly an influence on my work
at,brian postman...
K. Maddox   |2008-02-04 20:52:29
I feel it was an insult to fans that J'onn J'onzz was not included as a charter
member of the new incarnation of the JLA. Martain Manhunter has been the heart
if not the conscience of the JLA since it's beginning.
No, I don't believe the
character should be killed off. And, I certainly don't think he should be killed
off for shock value.
Tim     |2008-02-06 20:56:13
Sorry for not signing this earlier. But yes, this is a character who has tons of
future potential and I am getting tired of these people messing with our heroes.
Andréia Baia  - Kill J'onn? You're kiding???     |2008-02-08 06:38:03
I love J'onn! He's a very intersting personage, very important for the Justice
David T.  - Too much of this.   |2008-02-08 17:29:58
Much like my favorite Leaguer - Aquaman - it seems J'onn is set to suffer the
same fate simply because nobody knows how to handle him.
There has to be a way
to give these characters the respect they deserve (and make them successful)
without resorting to killing them off.

Why can't editorial simply decide to
put a top-notch creative team on a newly minted book without going through the Death of Superman-like dance of "if we kill him, folks will miss him, then
they'll clamor for his return."?

Just give the character decent creators,
some time, and room to grow. It worked on Aquaman in the 90's, it can work for
J'onn as well.
Mark Sanderson   |2008-02-09 04:19:34
Do not kill this unique character. Killing older characters is just too common
place a cheap way to sell an extra issue.

Some writers just want a notch on
the belt to say they killed ___________.

Get creative and use this great
character in new ways. No cop outs!
John Mundt, Esq.  - J'onn J'onzz Saved My Marria     |2008-02-09 19:33:15 it might be a bit of an exaggeration to say that the Martian Manhunter
saved my marriage, but it is true that he is the character that brought my non-comics-reading wife into
my comic-book-geek world. Until recently, she'd always looked upon my interest
in comics with a bemused detachment. Then she happened to read her first comics
since any she might have read as a little kid. They were based on the animated Justice League series, from both of which she gained a deep appreciation for
J'onn, whom I've loved since I first saw Mr. Netzer's back-up stories in Adventure Comics decades ago. Since then, we've together sought out J'onn J'onzz appearances in back issues, bought his current
(misguided?) series, and have purchased as much Martian Manhunter merchandise as
we can find (twelve JJ figures are currently on display in our home). When I
quizzed her about what made J'onn so appealing to her, she said she couldn't put
it into words, adding simply that she didn't know that comic book superheroes
were ever sad - which she believes J'onn is - and that "sadness" made her fall in love
with his story. I think that it's a testament to the potential of this seminal DC Comics character that he can engender such an
emotional response from someone who had absolutely no interest in the entire
medium before. To kill J'onn, then, is to kill that. My marriage may survive,
but will my wife's comics collecting? For that matter, will my own? Comics
without J'onn Jonzz would be like a body without a heart.
Scott Sheaffer   |2008-02-10 15:01:56
You know, I've just about had it with these gimmicks from DC. Why not just go
back to telling good stories instead of doing all kinds of deranged things to
characters we like? In the short term DC may get a temporary sales boost due the
publicity buzz, but in the long term fans end up walking away in disgust. Some
friends of mine who were long time DC fans gave up buying DC comics after
INFINITE CRISIS. One guy was the DC equivalent of a Marvel Zombie. He gave up
comics completely, of course. The reasons he gave included The Blue Beetle's
death along with the way characters were twisted around to behave in ways
contrary to what those characters have long stood for.

The Martian Manhunter
was right there at the start of The Silver Age of Comics. I mean his first
appearance actually predates the revival of The Flash if I recall correctly. I
know the main attraction of THE JUSTICE LEAGUE series is seeing the big name
super heroes teamed up. Over the years though, there's been many a time where
J'onn J'onzz made reading JUSTICE LEAGUE worthwhile. I guess not anymore.
Martian  - Save J'onn   |2008-02-10 16:50:03
He's the only one of us left!
cadenadebronce3  - Even more supporting from Spai     |2008-02-10 20:02:44
Hi Michael, it's me again...

I'm supporting your initiative from my personal
blog,, and also from my comic/manga fotolog, , and from tomorrow on I'm uploading my
funny comic/manga pics with you banner to spread our petition as much as
possible through the web.

Together we can do it...

John Sheng  - Dr   |2008-02-11 02:10:25
It has been said on several occasions that J'onn is the most powerful being on
Earth and I don't think DC should dismiss that.

More importantly are some of
his unique characteristics. He has a unique view of humanity. Being an alien and
experiencing another culture, he can have an unbiased view of how humanity
compares to other races - Superman, although alien was raised solely on Earth.
Also, the Martian Manhunter embodies the heart and soul of the Justice League
and to remove him, could destroy the spirit of the greatest superhero team of
all time!
Juan Enrique  - Do not Kill!!!!   |2008-02-11 03:01:29
Form Puerto Rico, ENOUGH with STUPIDITY. First Aquaman is turned
into a less than a "Z" listed character. And now, out of nowhere, the
powers at DC want to kill this very strong, well developed character. WHY??
story-wise purpose serves killing The Martian Manhunter at the end of
Countdown-Final Crisis? Why every story line must end with somebody's death. Is
DC lost for new and fresh ideas?
ALB   |2008-02-13 07:01:03
I concur! Save J
Karen Fontana   |2008-02-13 12:33:33
Samantha  - Save J'onn!     |2008-02-13 18:27:38
Save the Martian Manhunter!
Long live the Oreo King!
Zoor  - J'onn most live     |2008-02-13 23:14:07
The Martian Manhunnter, is the respond to the dream of the lost civilization in
the red, planet in the DCU, the life in other planet in our own solar system, in
some time, the heart of the JLS, and a constant character trow the years and
crisis, why kill him? just for ring back again? i read some suggestions in this
panels about our green friend, and i think the Martian detective, can give more,
no just super troubles, he foreignness's can be a chance to explore our own
Nachito31  - QUE VIVA EL PUTO :)     |2008-02-18 05:46:56
please he need live. save pls

salvenlo qe no muera TODO SEA POR MI LUTHIER
ElMonster  - Wakataka   |2008-02-18 16:08:29
Que no muera bolo xD

He must be alive, don't kill him
FRODIS  - Argentina wants him alive!!!     |2008-02-18 16:18:43
Hi, I´m from argentina, where DC comics where published mostly during the 90´s.
Giffen´s Justice League was a great succes so we are not happy with the idea of
killing the Martian Manhunter.
Save J´onn!!!
Moister Soctar  - ¡Save it!   |2008-02-18 20:36:39
¡If you don't do it for J'onzz, do it for the pirates!

Olsen Ross     |2008-02-19 03:29:36
Oh, this is too maddening.

The Manhunter is currently both a historically
iconic figure and a viable contemporary force in the DCU. One has only to
witness his recent appearances on Smallville and The Batman to understand

The people in charge of OUR heroes need to find ways to help this vital character LIVE rather than killing him off just because the death of Captain America
helped the other guys sell a few issues.

2008 IS about change but this ain't the way!
Anonymous   |2008-02-19 13:37:16
Man-hunter looks like a penis. Surely I'm not the first to notice this
Mario!  - Dont Lost Classic Readers Agai   |2008-02-21 18:36:41
Dont Kill The Martian Manhunter, he is a Classic Character!
Dont Make The
Mistake that you did in "Infinite Crisis" That with the Dead of the
Golden Age Superman and many others characters,only Left Many Readers Angry and
DC Comics lost Readers.
P.D. Please, Fix the Shit of "Infinite Crisis".
dee   |2008-02-21 22:00:43
save martian manhunter!!!!!!!
Caeb  - Dejen al marciano en paz!!   |2008-02-23 22:07:59
El efecto del visitante de marte en la historia del universo DC no es menor. Es
un personaje entrañable que nos hace recordar que ante la perdida de todo en la
vida, siempre hay esperanza.

Larga vida al heroe más verde de los comics!!!
Andrea Strong  - I love J'onn!!!!!!!!   |2008-03-01 22:18:42
I've loved J'onn ever since his 1st debut in the JLA movie.He is a interesting
character and I'm not going to let some stupid writers destroy him.I believe his
character should be more engaged into the human world.Why doesn't the creative
crew come up with something like him marrying a human?Or having a child? this
idea is dumn.
L Yarbrough  - Lack of creativity shouldn't   |2008-03-04 00:18:31
This is nonsense. Someone still needs to govern and direct the 200+ justice
leaguers that work together to keep the world safe. If he is not not there who
can effectively direct them all? Who?! He is overall the best and under
appreciate character in the whole JLA universe. No lack of writer creativity,
should void the universe of such a needed and powerful character. If this
happens, I won't ever touch another comic as long as I breathe.
Rachel     |2008-03-14 05:34:34
Save J'onn! Otherwise, I will cry every time I see oreos. =(
Matthew Celis  - First superhero of the Silver   |2008-03-16 06:32:41
Contrary to revisionist history that pretends the Barry Allen Flash's debut in
Showcase kicked off the beloved Silver Age of comics, the true fact of the
matter is that J'onn J'onnz, the Manhunter from Mars, was the first superhero of
the Silver Age. Just as Barry Allen was a reworking of the Jay Garrick Flash and
Hal Jordan was a reworking of the Allan Scott Green Lantern, the Martian
Manhunter is a reworking of none other than Superman's story from top to bottom,
and just as Superman is revered as the father of the Golden Age of Comics, it is
time to acknowledge the Martian Manhunter as the father of the Silver Age! The
pointless "killing" of beloved characters must be stopped. We sat thru
the murder of Barry Allen, Hal Jordan, Oliver Queen, Ted Kord, Don Hall, Kara,
and Diana Prince...must we watch J'onn J'onnz die for no reason as well?
Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe  - J'onn got me back into comics   |2008-03-18 17:00:12
I was a comics fan as a kid, but I dropped them in high school because I was
tired of the same sorts of stories. I started reading Manga instead, finding the
stories there more dynamic, and able to speak to me as a female reader in more
effective and heartfelt ways.

That was until a friend in college handed me a
comic book and said,
Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe  - J'onn got me back into comics   |2008-03-18 17:01:45
That was until a friend in college handed me a comic book and said,
Keith Nickelson  - Terrible decisions     |2008-03-22 15:49:14
If ever there was a character in any genre that epitomizes a Stranger in a
Strange Land, J'onn J'onnzz fits that bill.

DC's decision only shows the
trend that seems to be hype right now. Which in my opinion is foolish, instead
of dealing with characters that have grown as comics have grown by pitting them
in realistic situations dealing with everyday problems as well as madmen, robots
and galactic conquering aliens. The decision to kill off characters becomes

And why you ask? To make money and promote sales... as with
anything else.

Japanese Manga is highly successful due to the writers taking
their characters and fandom seriously, it's not to say that characters can't die
or not killed off.
But by George, if you're going to kill off a wonderful and
major character make his or her death worth something make it epic.
yet, don't kill the charcter off at all. Creativity breeds new situations, and
better storylines which can breathe new life into a character and keep it fresh.
IF they're willing to try.

J'onn J'onnzz is one of the most intriguing and
unique characters in DC comics today. But what makes him so endearing is he's
forever a stranger among humans, dealing with having lived among them for more
than a decade. His versitility, humor and overall personality have always been

Marvel killed off Captain America and thus now it seems other
comics companies like DC have decided to follow suit. I for one feel this is a
bad decision where the writers are making very foolish decisions. The best
writing and growth in a charcter comes not from taking short-cuts and killing
them off... It comes from writing situations and stories that takes the
character to realms and heights he or she has never been. Keeping in mind the
fans as well, both new and old.

Nuff said...
I vote save J'onn
Gary Gomes  - Don't kill J'onzz     |2008-03-23 01:43:44
The Martian Manhunter is one of the few remaining characters of ANY interest in
the DC universe. Do NOT kill him.

Thank you,

Gary Gomes
Paul R. Wilson   |2008-03-30 20:16:53
Enough! Enough with the killing & the changing & history change, & the
corrupting !
Just tell stories, instead of trying to be grim & gritty and
seeing how much you can mess up an old established character ! If there's no
other way to keep DC going, then fold it !
Pablo   |2008-04-05 13:45:25
I agree too, don't kill the best superhero. Please don't kill him
Dominick Cericola     |2008-04-15 19:31:59
Enough, Dan Didio, ENOUGH! The killing of fun and well-rounded DCU characters
needs to stop! Think of what this would do to the sale of Oreo's throughout the
DCU! Think of all the angst that will be generated..! And besides, he's the
coolest Martian EVER! So, leave my big green buddy alone, right?

- D
Scipio Garling  - Short-sighted     |2008-04-16 20:52:56
DC's willingness to throw away the irreplacable valuable of long-standing
characters is stunningly short-sighted.

They had to bring back Hal Jordan and
Ollie Queen. They're going to have to bring back Aquaman.

Why add Martian
Manhunter to the list?
Francisco Xavier Gonzalez Muño   |2008-04-16 22:12:33
Well, I add my voice to the petition of not killing J'onn Jónzz... althought
sometimes I see him already dead. He sports a look that pretends to be
"modern" but lacks the charm of his really outdated and weird costume...
The obvious joke is that the new one is a skrull.

The problem is not only to
save J'onn but to make super-hero comics more character driven and not just
players of the next event. Events, done well, are fun; but the characters that I
liked, I liked from theri "normal" adventures.

J'onn died the moment he
was thrown out of the JLA to sport the new look. He had a very good written, by
Ostrander, series, but he is the quintessence team player of the JLA
Joe Tages  - J'onn Must Live!   |2008-04-21 08:24:17
To the DC powers-that-be: Please do NOT go through with this! The company has
killed off enough classic characters in recent years as it stands. I understand
the recent Martian Manhunter re-launch might not have been a success, but
killing J'onn is NOT the way to go!

The Martian Manhunter's demise might
serve a purpose for your latest summer event, Final Crisis. But outraged fans
will remain so even after the series is done. If shocking readers is your
intention, I assure you it will backfire. J'onn is much loved by readers for
this to stick as Barry Allen's death has done since 1985.

J'onn's presence
has been THE one consistent thread in the JLA for nearly 25 years. Hal Jordan's
corruption and death was bad enough, we do not need another JLA founder to go
through this.

Please reconsider your plans regarding J'onn. He is one of the
reasons why I have read JLA and DC comics since 1980.

Bring back the classic
Martian Manhunter.

J'onn MUST live!
David - darima80  - Keep him around   |2008-04-30 22:51:39
J'onn has been a staple of the Justice League and the DC Universe since his
creation. Instead of killing characters for shock value, they should write them
how they deserve to be written. Stop the killings!!! It's been played out to
death by now.
Justin Anthony Knapp  - An icon   |2008-04-30 23:45:28
J'Onn is great; I'd hate to see the DCU lose such an interesting character.
Michael  - One Last Plea   |2008-05-01 15:40:21
J'Onn represents a unique character in the DC universe that frankly is
irreplaceable. Keep him the Martin Manhunter around....
Jay Shemer  - The saddest thought   |2008-05-01 23:48:06
I have been a faithful DC reader since 1987. I did not know that there had just
been a Crisis, or that there were infinite earths beforehand. I just knew that
I appreciated a good story, and the Martian Manhunter, in his strange otherness,
brought an interesting presence and grace to the comicscape that I was beginning
to appreciate and love.

Sure, the last "reboot" has been a
disappointment, but there does not seem to be a good reason to kill off this
character. I still lament Ted Kord's disposability in Countdown. I know that
Ice has returned (and Booster currently has a "living" Ted in his
title), but still....

J'onn J'onnz is not cannon fodder. But I fear that the
rumors will bear true. The issue is printing, Dan Dido has another "Giffen
League" head on his mantle.

But we can still recollect the wonderment of
a lonely alien able to stand toe to toe with Superman yet have a gentle smile
for the buffonery of Blue and Gold while eating his Chocos.
Cristian Rodriguez   |2008-05-01 23:49:31
To me DC is Superman, Flash, Batman and the Martian Manhunter. It's a symbol,
please don't kill that legend.
Rob Einhorn  - Don't Kill     |2008-05-02 04:09:30
He is a great character with dept and history
Rob Einhorn     |2008-05-02 04:10:05
Please do not hurt him, he has been thru enough
Jacob Blair  - NO   |2008-05-02 06:53:13
dude, c'mon thats a horrible idea. J'onn is one of the most intriguing
characters ever. he hasn't even been explored to his fullest. i think he
should get his own series and go back to his roots.

Nick Miller   |2008-05-02 12:03:18
The silver lining to the cloud of death is that rebirth can't be had without

I imagine there is little in the way of hope for stopping the slaughter of
J'onn at this point, but I also know enough of the character to believe that
death would be just another obstacle to overcome. At the risk of sounding
cynical, J'onn was assassinated some time ago in the ill-conceived One Year
Later revamp. If the character J'onn has become must die, at least there's hope
that the character J'onn was might one day return.
Roland Baldwin  - Save the last martian   |2008-05-02 18:21:55
Having come to know J'onn threw the JL cartoon initially I have great respect
for him. He was a well rounded and complex character. I do not want him to die.
This is a terrible travesty. Miss Martian is a weak imitation and there are
less important characters that can die. I'm picking wondergirl she's done
nothing but whinge since infinite crisis. I collected his mini and I loved it
and now I want him back on the Justice League or the society. He has been
sorely neglected. I don't want salvation run to be his last hour. He was
paramount in new frontier so now is not the time...or ever. Safe the last
martian. We need him
Ray   |2008-05-02 18:28:28
To kill Jonn would be terrible. he has shown himself to be the most human of
characters through his many adventures, many times showing the compassion that
is lacking in many human characters.
Rayhan Shariff   |2008-05-02 20:02:43
Don't kill off J'onn J'onzz. The character has a lot of potential in the right
hands. Just take a look at what Joe Kelly did with him duing his run on JLA. Or
even better, take a look at Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier about how to properly
write a Martian Manhunter comics. Bring him back to his original root, drop the
new outfit and the new head-shape and get either Cooke or Kelly on a mini-series
or a monthly and see what can be done.

Remember, there are no bad characters,
just bad writers.
save the manhunter  - save him   |2008-05-02 20:04:36
let him live martian manhunter is the unsung hero of the dc universe he is the
core of the justice league
Michael Gwiazdowski   |2008-05-03 14:19:31
Please save J'ohn J'ones. He is one of the best charaters in the DC universe.
ron 128     |2008-05-03 20:05:47
can some one plese tell me how i can buy some C4 plastic explosives?? ill be
going down to the dc office and wiring them up at the editorial board office.
lets see if they think that will bring in new readers to DC!!! this is friggin
ridiculous! u cant kill of one of the best characters in DC jjust for the fun of
it! i mean the only reason he hasnt been tinkered with yet or gone a reboot or
wateva is coz HES THE ONLY PERFECT DCU CHARACTER. why dont these guys get it?
David Andrews  - J'Onn is a shaman in the DCU   |2008-05-03 23:21:06
[size=medium]The Martian Manhunter is THE pivotal character of the silver age.
He was that character that gave DCU the edge in innovating NEW characters and
not re-developing old concepts in the silver age (for example the Flash, Green
Lantern etc
ArgieDan   |2008-05-04 05:45:07
Instead of killing J'onn (and bring him back eventually, as we all know will
happen), how about giving us GOOD STORYTELLING, not stunts?
Marco Steel   |2008-05-04 17:05:36
They can't kill the Manhunter??
daniel alonzo  - save j'onn j'onzz   |2008-05-05 00:01:15
I have been a DC fan since I was three and a DC comics collector since I was 11
yrs old. I love DC comics like if I was apart of the staff. Comics are a great
enjoyment for me, each and every wednesday. But to just hear that they are going
to kill off J'onn is terrible. J'onn is the backbone of the Justice League, one
of the main seven members that makes the League great. DC should find a better
way to use him in FINAL CRISIS.
Christopher Chance (Really)  - Don't ruin a great character   |2008-05-05 02:43:09
Please don't hold it against him that David Ogden Stiers played him in the badly
made JLA pilot (never aired but often viewed).

Jonn has always been a strong
character not just a Superman clone with green skin and the ability to change
shape. (and the guts to use this ability to turn into a woman).

He is as much
a part of DC as any of the other "giants" that make up the list of DC
stars which should always include him.

Thank you
Brian Goldberg  - Please DC Hammer, Don't Hurt   |2008-05-05 04:40:20
Save Martian Manhunter! It's okay to get rid of his cone head though!
David Pressley   |2008-05-05 08:43:52
Keep J'onn alive! Between JLA, the JL Animated series, and Smallville, his is
definitely one of the coolest characters.
David Pressley   |2008-05-05 08:46:42
Keep J'onn! He's cool!
Robcc  - Save Jonn   |2008-05-05 18:07:44
Please save Jonn Jonzz, and while your at it DC, bring back Barry Allen, and
also, Dump the Trials of Shazam concept.
NJD   |2008-05-05 20:59:49
I have always felt DC has failed to develop the Detective side of this
character. Perhaps he could be an "intergalactic gumshoe" with an office
door that opens into the universe!
JohnWeaver  - Save the Big Green Guy?   |2008-05-05 22:20:10
The Martian is one of the best characters from Morrison's historic JLA run, he
was humbled in the Dark Knight Returns sequel, interesting in Kingdom Come, a
linchpin of Ross's JUSTICE epic,
made DC One Million make some sense in how the
victory was possible, was great in the JLA Year One story, he really shone in
the Detroit JLA and the JLI DeMattheis run, great as a villian in the Burning
Martian story, a great hero in his own right in JLA: The Nail and its sequel,
and in the animated series you actually cared about his perspective ALOT, maybe
more that some of the more famous heroes like Superman (GASP!!) All of these
diverse storylines highlight the greatness of J'onn J' onzz, and whatever you
think of him in the WWW III storyline (kind of a weaker portrayal) or his
subseqent change in his latest mini-series (Which was rather an interesting and
complex, darker take on him until, like the last page of the last issue.), HE
that he will be able to tie into FInal Crisis easier, but it is possible to do
major damage to him without it resulting in his death. Why not injure him
severly in some way, give him something to come back from, and yet have it be a
few years before he is back to full power? That BAtman is getting crucified or
whatever in the FC only proves that you can do damage to a stalwart of DC and
still keep them alive. He is powerful and yet has an easy enough weakness to
exploit, he is a lone? survivor of planetcide, he has a 'darker twin' out there
and a fellow female green martian as potential enemies (both great ideas to be
further explored), all of the JLA look up to him, he needs his own book again!!
(or at least another mini) DON'T KILL THE MARTIAN!! HE IS A BETTER CHARACTER
Con O Donovan   |2008-05-05 23:41:20
My favourite character. Please don't kill him just cause his last mini was so
sucky. He is a character with so much unused potential.
Dr Jones  - Publicity BS   |2008-05-06 00:00:09
Great way to get some short term publicity and sales.
Also a great way to drive
away the prime fan base and piss people off.
He's a League icon now. One of the
truly unique DC characters.
SimpleFan  - Unique   |2008-05-06 00:43:04
Far from redundant, J'onn is one of the most original characters in comics. His
personality, his perspective, his special role in the DCU is one of a kind.
Please, DC, find a way to write a good story without killing anyone off.

all characters, J'onn has his fans. We want him to stay.
Fabiano Toloczko  - don't do it   |2008-05-06 11:50:52
Hey, I'm from Iguassu Falls, Brazil, and I would like to say "DO NOT KILL
Charles Beachley  - Necessary     |2008-05-06 13:58:51
Martian Manhunter has recieved a wonderful amount of character development since
Infinite Crisis. The New Costume, the Return to his Martian roots, the limited
series, working with the Outsiders; the future was looking good for MM.
DC, keep John around.
He's too important a character to the DCU to become a
plot twist in a Crisis.
m.t.c   |2008-05-07 00:14:46
don't do it.

don't kill him.

i'll stop buying dc comics if you do...

i mean

"the scrod"
Zen Strive  - He Is More Than Superman!     |2008-05-07 00:18:22
Shapeshifter, psychic, able to become invisible, and generally patient, J'ONN
J'ONZZ has great potential, even greater than Batman and Superman combined. Come
on, stealthy detective with Superman's powers?
martian fangirl   |2008-05-07 03:28:28
Please save J'onn!!!
Missing Uvula  - A haiku     |2008-05-07 07:40:56
martian manhunter
don't do it marvel
michel richard   |2008-05-07 18:23:23
J'onn is to the JLA what the vision has been to the avengers for so long, but
the problem for the latter is marvel gave too much artistic license to Bendis so
instead of being crative with the character, he flat out killed him. Sure it's
easy and fast money to kill and bring back...but how many times is the industry
going to cry a 30+ year reader I may just get tired of it and the
industry will lose 50$ a month at least from this guy who's getting sick and
tired of these antics. Whoever's responsible i.e Mr. Morrisson, should look
into the reason for creating j'onn J,onnz and reflect on his current validity in
the universe. It's not cause a hero can't cut is as a solo venture that he
can't be an integral part of a team: case in point J'onn must keep eating his
oreos in the JLA HQ.
Jonathan Michael Reiter  - n/a     |2008-05-09 17:35:47
Yes! Save The Martian Manhunter!
He's a valuabole part of DCU
However, Bring Him back to his Silver Age Roots!
Jonathan Michael
Stefan Lynk   |2008-05-16 14:55:20
Martian Manhunter is EASILY way cooler than superman, in face I'd think he's
better and more useful then superman. He can do pretty much everything the big S
can do and more. He's my favorite charecter in the DC Universe please dont kill
Derek Holtom   |2008-05-23 01:59:23
I only hope they don't rape him first.
Jamie Karr   |2008-05-23 06:34:57
Please don't.
yrumad     |2008-05-30 00:13:39
If it's possible, we SHOULD save J'onn. All that grant needs is to be told in
polite BUT firm manner that he HAS to bring back J'onn later in he series or
else we boycott rest of his books. Atleast that's what I am planning to do.
the Best with your efforts.
Jonathan Reiter   |2008-05-30 01:28:54
I agree with you...
I feel J'onn should be saved...
I also agree with what you
said we should do.

It could backfire, on us, though...
Jonathan Michael
yrumad  - ..   |2008-05-30 22:51:03
How can it backfire?

If Morrison plans to bury J'onn in Martian Sand as done
in "DC one million", it would be a real waste of a good

Maybe it was a parrallel world's 'evil J'onn'(something like a
skrull :)) that was killed here & the good J'onn will finally be the one to save
DCU's colective @$$ in the end.

If Morrison does brings back J'onn, I
hope he makes J'onn a real extrovert .

I mean if you can make a sappy
character like booster gold interesting, what's stopping DC to get a good writer
(Hint! Hint!)for our beloved martian?

I really hope they bring him back later
or I will surely be missing Morisson's(along with all those who are involved
with final crisis) future works.
Gene  - Bad Move - Creative Cop-out     |2008-05-30 06:46:18
The character, albeit poorly written by many over the years, is too good to

There is nothing about the loss of MM that would leave the DC Universe a
better place. What's to be gained? The universe already has the heroic, "he
saved us all death" of Barry Allen; a second one only cheapens the first.
Anything less is a lesser reason for a character death.

Without a confident
J'onn J'onzz around as an X factor, most every DC universe-wide storyline would
be even more severely limited to the Trinity and everybody else. Don't compound
the mistake made in World War III. That storyline typified Manhunter's problem;
everyone tamps down this powerhouse and tempers his personality to the point
that the character acts in too reserved a manner.

The J'onn J'onzz the DCU
needs is the one that on rare occasion does not hold back and fairly easily
cleans the clock of a Black Adam-type (as he did in JLA with a Gray
Man-possessed Captain Marvel, and with Ultraman.)

The rarely used (see the
Fernus JL storyline) Martian Manhunter that is most effective is the one that
occasionally displays a confidence and a raw onslaught that leads both Superman
and Wonder Woman to question whether they really could handle J'onn in open

What's made J'onn uninteresting to so many readers is the widespread
usage of the character as a form of shorthand for announcing that the JLA/DCU is
about to face a really powerful foe. It goes like this: early on in a story,
J'onn gets clobbered and one of the Trinity says something like "I never
thought I'd see someone do that to J'onn." This has become shorthand for
establishing universe-threatening storyline scenarios. Look at the number of
times this device has been used (Doomsday's second storyline, the JLA/JSA Virtue
and Vice crossover, Superboy Prime in Infinite Crisis, the OMACS in same,
Asmodel as a little boy, the recent JLA Classified storyline in issues 52-54 or

If once in a while, a writer is creative enough to take out Wonder Woman
or GL or God forbid Superman once in a while as a means of setting up the
"big dangerous foe" scenario, and make J'onn an occasional lynchpin in
saving the day, reader interest in J'onn goes up.

s to your Final (I hope)
Crisis project overall, wringing drama from "significant" deaths in
comics storylines has lost its steam with increased frequency of use as a
device. If you can't write a story that delivers impact without leaning on
"Whoa! I can't believe they killed...." for effect, perhaps you need a
break from storytelling.

I stopped buying new Marvel comics with the
"death" of Captain America, the latest in their spate of meaningless,
non-story-advancing, non-universe-developing deaths, and this misguided notion
would lead me to give up on DC as well.

The concept really is this simple:
Don't cop out by confusing shock value with creativity. Get creative. That,
after all, is what keeps readers buying.
hugueknot   |2008-06-02 00:43:12

"If once in a while, a writer is creative enough to take out
Wonder Woman
or GL or God forbid Superman once in a while as a means of setting
up the
"big dangerous foe" scenario, and make J'onn an occasional
lynchpin in
saving the day, reader interest in J'onn goes up."

there's something cool about a guy as powerful as Superman with an ACCESSIBLE
weakness; it offset the omnipotence.
The M   |2008-06-09 06:54:59
What the fuck is with DC?? Do you wanna fire all the popular characters? First
Nightwing and Wally, now J´onn. Stop doing that. You have so many slime
characters to kill and do that to the good ones.
Chris Lister   |2008-06-17 18:20:09
J'Onn has evolved into one of the most unique, compassionate, and inspiring
characters in comics. He deserves better than a rushed death simply to establish
that Libra is badass.
Sarahtdl  - This is why DC struggles to maintain female reader     |2008-06-24 01:43:06
Here's a clue why women read manga and not comics, for DC.

Take an
interesting, sensitive, brilliant, rich, world-wise character with the maturity
of having been married and a father and having lost both only to rise above the
loss to re-claim his heroic nature, and then waste him.

Manga is not afraid
to use a mature character well.

I am officaly dropping DC as of now.
thorman  - save j'onn!   |2008-06-26 07:43:10
j'onn is one of my characters favorites of dcu save martian manhunter
dave routh  - heroes   |2008-06-30 04:47:38
In a time when you have so few true heroes its a shame to scrifice such an
honorable one as a publicity stunt
thorman  - salven a detective marciano   |2008-07-01 06:50:25
jonn es uno personajes miticos y tradicionales del comic amigo maestro y alma de
la jla buen cosejero de sus amigos y aliados no permitan que pase ya han matado
a muchos buenos heeroes no permitan que pasen salven a martian manhunter
csr  - no maten mi niñez!     |2008-07-07 06:51:56
no maten al verde! creci leyendo JLA, el marciano y guy gardner eran y son mis
favoritos.. por favor, no maten un pedacito de mi niñez!...

Howard Lee  - Tomatovision TV     |2008-07-14 22:49:13
I just can't believe this. I just read about the death of Jonn Jonzz. How stupid
can DC be. I have been reading Jonn Jonzz since the 60's back when nobody really
cared about him. I don't thin many people remeber that Jonn Jonzz had a sidekick
called Zookie from another dimension. Or about his adventures in that dimension.
Still look at all the things he has done with the JLA and JLU. Not only that he
can stand next to Superman or Batman and take whatever supervillains have to
offer and still come out on top. If DC had to kill a character then get rid of
say Beast Boy or even Cyborg. But then knowing DC since this Final Crisis most
of the dead character will come back to life soon just look at Supergirl and
Huntress they came back in another form. So think that DC owes it to Jonn Jonzz
to birng him back. Hey here's an idea let's get another Red Tornado android
shell and put Jonn Jonzz life force. Just a thought.

Howard Lee
Lauren Mueller and Miriam DeWo  - You Dork!!!!!   |2008-07-24 07:51:14
You need to think twice before insulting other heros! It might offend people.
Bertrand Gabrielle   |2008-07-23 19:16:30
Lauren Mueller and Miriam DeWo  - Save J'onn   |2008-07-24 07:47:21
Save the last Martian!!!!! He is a classic hero and is important to all fans!
The Justice Laegue would be NOTHING witout J'onn, he started it all by calling
Superman for help, heck, he practically saved Earth! DON'T KILL HIM!(please!?)
Litheos  - J'onn J'onzz is a role model!   |2008-09-01 00:47:50
J'onn J'onzz is role model! One of the very few LOGICAL (Spock Type), NOBLE
(power under control) role models left. His loss would be the final nail in the
coffin of Noble Characters no longer relevant in today's world. Long Live the
Martian! If leaders would follow J'onn's example, what a marvelous world we
would live in!
Yoni  - Save J'onn   |2008-09-13 08:01:30
There is no other superhero quite like J'onn J'onzz. His moral compass is
unwavering, his understanding of his teammates is uncanny, as a character, he
embodies a wealth of versatility and usefulness. He is by far one of the most
interesting characters of the DCU and one of the most fun to read. He is at once
terrifyingly powerful yet disarmingly charming. From the vengeful fernus to the
empathetic Choco eating friendly Martian we all know, J'onn J'onnz is an
essential part of the DCU.
Yoni  - save him   |2008-09-13 08:04:58
save J'onn J'onzz!
Scottie  - Not the LAST Martian   |2008-09-24 04:55:12
When I was a boy reading "Brave and the Bold" and other titles I met
J'onn for the first time. The idea of a surviving Martian seemed no stranger
than a Last Son of Krypton. To cast J'onn aside now is a monumental error and it
makes JLA history seem like a footnote. Bring him back or your One Million story
has no relevance in DCU continuity. You've made your sales now undo this tragedy
before you have to write another continuity fixing maxi-series. Long live the
Martian Manhunter!!
yogi   |2009-02-01 12:24:31
Now that 'final crisis' is over, we can all see what an horrible experiment that
Morrison's fetish to continue with his 'rock of ages' story line from his
jla days fell really flat on him.
He tried to do that same tactics with 'world
war three' a while back and that too didn't work.
He thinks he is the only one
who can take DC forward.
Killing the characters is sure way to generate
Same is the case with alex ross's fascination with 'kingdon come'.

Like babies afraid to leave their mother's protection.

These guys get a
good idea once in a while and keeps hacking is again and again . Come on guys .
try an 'else world' . make it your play ground. kill every/any one there we
don't give rat's @$$.
More than morrison, i think the guys at DC should be
blamed for the fiasco. They made solid bat-writer dixon quit while morrison ran
rampage with this crappola.

Yeah, you killed my favourite J'onn and he indeed
haunts you and your career grant.

He will indeed be back (by a much talented
writer than you),but you have lost readers and reputation . and THAT will not
be back.
Anonymous   |2009-02-21 19:32:36
Bring back J'onn J'onzz!

it was a crazy stunt to kill him and bad

J'onn J'onzz is one of the most sympatric characters in the DCU
ThomYoung  - People Who Live in Glass Houses     |2009-02-21 20:43:41
Actually, no it was not "bad written" (nor even poorly written). I liked
J'onn J'onzz (though I don't know what "sympatric" means), and anyone
who has read Morrison's series DC ONE MILLION knows that J'onn isn't really

In fact, anyone who reads comics knows that J'onn isn't really
"dead"--just ask Bucky Barnes or Hal Jordan or Oliver Queen or Barry
Allen or . . . et cetera, et cetera, et
MN   |2009-02-21 21:13:34
Quite a review, Thom. As you say, we are not arguing the quality of the story,
nor that J'onn is not really dead.

The campaign was intended to either prevent
his death in Final Crisis, or bring back the classic J'onn, or a number of other

Honestly, it's difficult to say that the butchering of character
which J'onn has received of late is contributing to enhancing him or the DC
Universe. It seems better to create a new character than for the loved ones to
undergo such mutations.

We additionally find that as readers, our affection for
the characters is being abused by their sensationalist murders and mutations
meant to somehow increase sales in a momentary orgasmic PR event.

Really now,
I'm very sorry but it doesn't look good for the big company from this side of
the wall they've built between them and their readers.
yogi   |2009-02-24 06:28:35
Thom, J'onn is surely NOT dead.

He is a fictional character for God

What we actually want is for the "classic" j'onn to be back,
not some mutilated martian sandman version of him.
fred  - Penis?   |2009-09-12 02:17:05
Why does J'onn J'onzz A.K.A. The Martian Manhunter's head look like a
circumsized penis?
Jonathan Michael Reiter  - Who Let -   |2009-10-10 18:08:33
Who let this spammer on here?
Jonathan Michael Reiter
MN   |2009-10-14 08:05:56
Yes Jonathan. One would think they'd understand the futility of it by now. No
accounting for purpose.

Thanks for keeping an eye out.

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