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Thou Shalt Not Make Thyselves Any Toy Messiahs
Written by MN   
Thursday, 03 January 2008
Rene Thompson wonders about the hazards of owning a Jesus action figure.

A reminder from Rene's Blogger profile: "One side of the family was Baptist, the other was Methodist, my parents converted to Judaism and sent me to a Catholic school. This basically means I can guilt in three different languages."

And an astute holiday observation: Talking Jesus Action Figure Sells Out At Walmart

    Human-resources challenged Walmart was proud to announce that they have completely sold out of their latest acquisition, a talking Jesus action figure.

    Now far be it from me to question other's religious commercialism but isn't having an action figure of your deity fraught with danger? I mean once the initial glow recedes and the kids sweetly read Bible stories with Jesus a couple of times, aren't you likely to have uncomfortable situations? Who wants to hear, "Johnny, come get the dog, he's chewing on Jesus again!" Or discover that the three year old wanted to see if Jesus really could walk on water and you have to explain to the plumber why Christ is firmly lodged in the toilet? How long will it be before ministers will have to deal with hysterical children who buried Christ in the backyard, waited for him to rise at Easter and now can't find him?

    It could be me, but I think this may be one of the reasons there's a commandment against this sort of thing.

While Steven Thompson reminisces about the Silver Age with a long lost Challengers ad.

Now, I do believe that all good men are not misled by macho sayings about who stands behind whom in a relationship. Most good men I know tell that it is behind every successful woman that you'll find a good man. Whichever the true order, I'm willing to bet that Rene and Steven Thompson stand side by side in their endeavors, which is evident in their respective blog commentaries.

Rene's sharp socio-political opining in View from the Sandbox is exquisitely complimented, and vice-versa, by Steven's wonderful reminisces from a seemingly endless library of cultural memorabilia in Booksteve's Library. In the case before us, he gives due homage to departed king of comics art, Jack Kirby, through an ad he plucked from his shelves, announcing the debut of Challengers of the Unknown in their own title. Challengers Ad.

    I have been just amazingly enjoying the new BRAVE AND THE BOLD series by Mark Waid (the true keeper of the silver age flame) and the ever amazing George Perez. One of the many highlights is the best-in-decades portrayal of Jack Kirby's CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN. Here's an ad for the Challs first getting their own mag way back when.

Interesting about this ad (right), beyond the timelessly classic art, is seeing the original Challengers logo entirely engulfed in black, unlike its open background as used in the comics themselves. Perhaps a premonition of the slight modernization to the logo I performed (left), during my brief stint, penciling two issues of Challengers in 1976.

Steven and Rene Thompson. Side by side on the blogoshpere.

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