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An Open Letter to Rick Olney
Written by MN   
Wednesday, 06 December 2006

Hello Rick,

As a friend whom I've known for several years and a supporter of my efforts on behalf of the comics creators, I'd prefer not to rebuke you publicly as I'm about to, regarding the recent controversy with your lateness of payment to comics creators whom you contracted for work, and the subsequent open criticism of your actions by Rich Johnston and others. I do this, however, because of our friendship, in hopes that you'd take heed of the damage you bring upon yourself by your conduct.

I was sorry, as surely anyone who knew you was, at hearing about the passing away of your mother, may she rest in peace. I was also sorry, however, to hear your repeated complaints regarding your personal problems and the persistent touting of your misfortunes as an excuse for your failures. Since I've known you, you've been of the more outspoken big talkers in the comics community, wherein every convention and event you've attempted to organize appears to have been afflicted by one unfortunate circumstance after the other. The problem is that we come to hear and remember more about your personal difficulties than the failed endeavors you organize. You might have saved us all one needless sorrow by complaining less and doing a little more, but such is apparently beyond you.

Everyone suffers personal difficulties that can otherwise destroy endeavors they undertake. Most good people, however, choose to shed less crocodile tears and carry on with their lives. Your misfortunes are the title of your inevitable biography and it is a saddening one because you use them to conceal your ineptness and hypocritical ulterior motives, as you persist in falsely espousing a regard for truth and justice in your conduct. There is no truth and justice in how you're conducting yourself now, Rick. It's time to take a good look at your actions and consider the repercussions they bring.

The creators, Chuck Dixon, Val Staples and others, who've stepped forth asking for payment for their work, are not at fault here. They trusted you by producing work for you. You are the one who owes them and you're the one who's avoiding them, as they've stated openly. Your response, to pursue litigation procedures against them for violating non-disclosure agreements, reveals you for the deceitful man you are. All your hypocritical rantings regarding justice for the creators, over the years, are now washed down the drain, as you reveal yourself to be no better than others who've taken this course before you.

Tight Lip Entertainment/Rich Johnston and others have been more than fair with you, in the face of your belligerent threats to pursue legal actions against creators whom you owe money to. Have you no shame? No conscience? No inclination of the stain you bring upon your reputation? Is your wallowing in the publicity of this affair blinding you to the damage it inflicts upon you and others?

Is the outstretched tongue in your logo meant to reflect your disregard for the creators you hire, while you conceal it with the false and hypocritical mask of love-struck eyes?

You say that: " Since this has began we've nearly completed Tales of The Spooky ..2, hired and placed 4 new artists of note, in motion. And anchored our June 07 Mighty Minicon."

Well Rick, if you can do all this now, why can't you simply pay the creators whom you owe money to, before continuing on with business as usual? Are you using your misfortune, and now theirs, to evade paying them and then sueing them for taking you to task for it, Rick?

Are you doing the same thing to these comics creators as you did to the web hosting service which asked me to intervene on their behalf two years ago, due to your evading paying them for services they gave you? Is this your modus operandi; to use personal tragedies and misfortunes in order to abuse the goodwill of others, while promising to pay for them, and never doing so?

You understand I'm at liberty to disclose your withholding of payment to the web hosting service because I never signed a non-disclosure agreement about it with you. In all fairness though, I'm willing to sign one now, retro-actively, so that you can sue me also for violating it. Just send me a copy and I'll sign it, if this is the way you choose to conduct your affairs.

Or change your ways, Rick Olney. Stop avoiding those you owe money to and compensate them for their work. Stop making excuses by publicly complaining about your misfortunes and get on with your work. Do not begin new endeavors while you have previous unfulfilled obligations. Apologize to everyone whom you've defamed with your accusations.

Straighten your ways, Rick. All the lawyers in the world can't wipe away the stain that covers you now.

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Matt  - Onry Olney   |2008-10-23 22:41:20
So what is Rick Olney doing now adays?
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