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Written by MN   
Thursday, 30 August 2007

For the last 5 years or so, I've been taking extended leaves from my routine and spending most of that time around the Dead Sea area, with a little trekking across the country mixed in throughout. The place I gravitated to most is the Ein Gedi beach camping & rest stop resort, founded and operated by the people of the nearby Kibbutz, Ein Gedi. The primary source of revenue for the Kibbutz comes from the natural mineral water springs abundant in the area.

After a few months duration at each of these trips, I'd return to my civilian identity with renewed vigor. The visible after effects are the web sites I've produced upon returning, some of which gained wide "gossip" value in the comics community. The New Comic Book of Life, The Comic Book Creator's Party, The Comic Book Creators' Guild, Flaming Sword Productions, Rabble Rouser and Growing Earth Consortium all came on the heals of these trips, as did this current home-site and portal, ReVOLUTION, from which all the others can be accessed.

They are also all marked by intently not equipping myself with any personal resources at all, except for the clothes I wear... and with no plans for any activity at all, rather simply a moment to moment experience and giving in to the situations which arise around me. Well, one can imagine that good stories are waiting to be told about these excursions, at least if evident by their having inspired such extensive web activity.

Having recently returned from a 4 month stay at the Ein Gedi beach. I don't have a new web site in mind at all this time and I'm actually thinking more along the lines of producing one or a few comics projects. Participating in the Creative forum at Millarworld has cemented this resolve for now and I've actually began the work of writing and drawing the semi-autobiographical chronicles of these journeys.

The stories are rich with sometimes rather fantastical events and local supporting characters, two of them are quite pivotal. Moshe (Moses), a renowned Israeli music composer known for having written some of the more classic and locally loved songs here, has lived at this beach for 8 years now, in protest of the state of affairs in the music field (and in the country generally), while all the time working diligently (strumming a beat up classic guitar) on composing the content to a comeback album which he's now close to begin production work on.

And... CHUNGA, the beach supervisor's black 8 year old poodle, who left him and defected over to Moses' tent-home area some time after his arrival there, fiercely guarding him from tourists and local campers who might mistakenly come too close for comfort, or pose any type of subliminal threat or intrusion.

Though it appears to belong to the 'alternative' or 'reality' comics genre, the project holds quite a few surprises which will make it impossible to classify exclusively as such.

Hopefully, the production pace will be reasonable, given other issues I'm immersed in, but I intend to turn this into a primary preoccupation for the time it'll take to produce.

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