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Gan Golan and Erich Origen, creators of The Adventures of Unemployed Man that I illustrated a chapter in, have been visibly active as official Super-Hero representatives of the Occuppy Wall Street movement. Now Gan Golan, true to finest activist tradition, has partnered in an affilliate movement, ArtIsMyOccupation, for the benefit of creators from the broad range of the arts. Here’s the press release, have a look and show some support if inclined.




Hello Occupy Artists, Musicians, Performers, Printmakers and Pranksters!

We are culture workers. We are part of the 99%. And today, we are excited to be launching a new project to support occupy artists, called ArtIsMyOccupation.

ArtIsMyOccupation (AMO) is a project founded by artists and for artists who are involved in Occupy and other movements for Economic Justice. Our sole mission is getting artists who are working on the front lines of social change the resources they need.

Have a great idea for a project? Apply for a grant.
Want to collaborate other Occupy artists or campaigns? Get Connected
Want to see what upcoming mass actions to create work for? Get inspired

We are now accepting applicants for the first round of grants. Visit our website for more information.

Find AMO online:

Be sure to JOIN so we can update you about ongoing opportunities to receive support. Also, anyone can donate to the AMO Artists’ Fund, where 100% goes to the 99%.



Unemployed Man at Stumptown


A fine interview with Gan Golan as Unemployed Man, at the Portland Oregon Stumptown Comics Fest that took place Apr, 16-17.  Gan is the co-creator/co-writer of Unemployed Man with Erich Origen. A lot of the sample images used in this video are from my contribution to the book.

Unemployed Man Gifts

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The reviews are in for The Adventures of Unemployed Man

“A BEAUTIFUL graphic novel, this really is a HIGH-QUALITY piece of work.” – CNN

the desperate situation many Americans find themselves in today.”   – USA Today

“ABSURDLY FUNNY and VERY SMART” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Crammed with clever puns, INGENIOUSLY ILLUSTRATED and garnished with trenchant social commentary,

this is surely THE FUNNIEST economic primer ever written”. –


“INFORMATIVE, SMART, FUNNY.” – Publisher’s Weekly
“A BITING SATIRE of the current economic situation and how things have gotten to where they are…ENTERTAINING and INFORMATIVE.”- Ich Liebe Comics
“BUY TWO COPIES: one for yourself and one for someone you know who’s having a rough time making ends meet —
they can use a PICK ME UP like this.”  – Sean Kleefeild, On Comics

“I bought 6 of these to give a presents this holiday…A MUST READ! INVENTIVE, HILARIOUS, DEEP AND SCATHING…in a PLAYFUL and ENTERTAINING way. Can’t wait for the movie!” – Brain Trust





Almost 5 months since the last posting and still more turbulence ahead.  It is regrettable for me, especially concerning regular visitors who’ve frequented the site looking for a sign of life.  Most readers are familiar with the phenomenon over the years and much gratitude goes out for your patience.

Catching up a little, Detroit Fanfare was a resounding success.  Kudos to Dennis Barger, Tony Miello, Robert Bowman and Gary Reed who set out to reinvigorate the convention scene by shifting the emphasis back to the comics and their creators – and achieved a phenomenal success at it.  I extended the trip to the US for another month or more, did some traveling and spend a little more time with family and friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in decades.

Meantime, Crazy About Comics: The Art of Michael Netzer, published for the event, is now available on Amazon.  It is a fine sketchbook with a large assortment of the more memorable sketches I’ve produced over the last few years.  Highly recommended, so please visit the Amazon page and have a look.  Here’s the editorial review from Amazon:

Crazy About Comics: The Art of Michael Netzer artist’s sketchbook, a Detroit Fanfare 2010 exclusive, highlights the work of legendary comic book artist Michael Netzer, with forty-eight pages of his sketches, showing his amazing talent and versatility. Included are sketches of comics’ greatest heroes, plus drawings of comics’ real-world heroes; comic creator guests of Detroit FanFare 2010, including Stan Lee and Rich Buckler. The book also includes an introduction by Michael Netzer and Detroit Fanfare organizer Dennis Barger, describing Netzer’s entry into the comics profession through the 1975 Detroit Triple Fan Fair comic show, and explaining how the recovery of one of Mr. Netzer’s decades-lost convention sketches from that show inspired the revival of Detroit’s original comic convention. Michael Netzer’s career has spanned four decades, from his early work for Marvel and DC through continuity studios under the name “Michael Nasser”, through his creation of Israel’s first first full-color superhero “Uri-On”, through his most recent work in “Unemployed Man”.

Likewise The Adventures of Unemployed Man has also been released to the cheers of excellent reviews and debates in the media at large and the comics community.  Available at bookstores everywhere and also on Amazon, keep on eye on it as the word spreads in fandom.


Unemployed Man Getting a Little PR


I’ve sent out press releases for the upcoming Adventures of Unemployed Man to a handful of comics news sites, but doing these one by one is a bit of a chore. Which brings me to wonder if we don’t have a comics industry news wire agency, where a press release can be sent out to all the comics news sites at once, like in the real world. There are so many good news sites out there that it’s perhaps about time someone also establishes such a service. If it does exist and I’m not aware of it, then please do let me know.

In the meantime here are a few places that picked up the release:

  • 20th Century Danny Boy: Daniel Best, one of our site complex’s oldest and most dedicated friends, and exemplary activist on behalf of the comics creator community, offers an enthusiastic response to news of the project.
  • Bleeding Cool: Rich Johnston’s cool comics news site, a subsidiary of Avatar Press, carries the press release and gives it a creator oriented title. On the forum thread for that item, Josh Adams, son of Neal Adams, makes an appearance to voice his enthusiasm for the creators working on the project, surreptitiously leaving out Joe Rubinstein and myself. Josh seems to have an ax to grind since leaving his less than flattering comments on the Supergod item Rich Johnston ran some time ago. I tried then to explain to him that there’s more to his frustration than he even understands himself right now, but it apparently didn’t sink it well enough to help him overcome the urge to continue poking. So, maybe Josh just needs a little hug or something, He is just a growing boy, after all.
  • First Comics News: Rik Offenberger and company’s excellent new site, setting up to also conduct an interview on the project, perhaps coming soon.
  • Comics Bulletin: Jason Brice and Jason Sacks leading comics news, reviews and commentary site, formerly Silver Bullet.
  • Comics Should be Good: The Comic Book Resources blog runs a nice profile of the project by Brian Cronin.
  • Millarworld Forums: Posted the press release there and received a couple of nice comments.

That about covers it for now. The press release needs to make the rounds but I’m presently too busy doing the actual artwork for the project. That’s one good reason for needing a comics community news wire agency.


The Adventures of Unemployed Man

Coming this Fall

Ramona Fradon, Rick Veitch and Michael Netzer in an Origen & Golan epic satire…

An 80-page, full-color superhero comic satire from New York Times bestselling authors Origen & Golan (Goodnight Bush), In this hilarious and poignant book, Unemployed Man finds a new sidekick, Plan B, and teams up with other everyday heroes to fight The Human Resource, Outsourcerer, The Invisible Hand and other economic villains ripped straight from today’s headlines.

THE ADVENTURES OF UNEMPLOYED MAN features art by Ramona Fradon, Rick Veitch, Michael Netzer, Josef Rubinstein and Terry Beatty.

Click for larger image

Origen and Golan deliver a riveting, hilarious and moving satire on the economic malaise of our time. The book is a brilliant comics rendition by Ramona Fradon (two of its four chapters), Rick Veitch (one chapter), and myself drawing the last chapter along with a few additional pages in the others. Joe Rubinstein and Terry Beatty share the inking chores. The art morphs in style from Golden Age in the beginning towards a more Silver Age look leading to the triumphant victory of Unemployed Man and the Just Great Society over the evil economic menace. The story is both sad and funny at once. A brilliant satire in exquisite comics iconography, of how the world economy has become of the greatest oppressors of our time.

Now available for discounted advance orders from Amazon.

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