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Those Early Days


REBELUTION: Progenitor – Page 11


REBELUTION: Progenitor 11 - Those Early Days




REBELUTION: Progenitor – Page 10




REBELUTION: Progenitor – Page 9



Didn’t They Tell You?


REBELUTION: Progenitor – Page 8



Hi Sweetie



REBELUTION: Progenitor – Page 7


The Outhousers

The Outhousers


Back when the Jack Kirby debate was raging at Bleeding Cool Forums, one of the members started a thread about it at another forum called The Outhouse. I kept an eye on it because I was the subject of some criticism and a little fun, for things I’d said at BCF. In spite of all that, it seemed some Outhousers wanted me to make an appearance there anyway. Specifically, it was an adversary at BCF, who seemed to change identities even faster than I do (he’s since become President of The Outhouse).

WelI, I finally obliged by showing up there and braced for the worst because this crass collective seemed as aggressive as their name suggests. Once I registered, however, and made the first post, I found myself in the company of a pretty friendly and warm community, whose bark seems much worse than their bite. I quickly came to appreciate the special way they have of showing affection to each other, and to their guests.

Peculiarly, my motherboard and hard disk crashed soon after registering there (still wondering how they did that), which put me out of internet commission for a couple of weeks. As things turned out, I wasn’t able to return there after getting my machine fixed, partly because I started some prep work on the REBELUTION webcomic, and it’s pretty much taken over most of my free time. But over the weekend, I saw a couple of new links coming into the webcomic from The Outshouse. When I popped in to see what they were about, I found a new thread there started by The President, “I Miss Michael Netzer”. It’s a warm remembrance and outreach that compliments this lovable forum community – and elicits a reciprocal shout-out and well wishes from our home site.

So, if you’re up for some sharp discussion laced with a due measure of fun entertainment and bickering, follow the links (also in the banner logo), read through some threads and maybe even join the community if it seems suitable. Good times are had by all at the Outhouse.

Thanks for the good vibes Mr. President and all the Outhousers!


300 Million Of Us



REBELUTION: Progenitor – Page 6


REBELUTION – A New Webcomic


With so much activity around the web of late, it seemed like launching a webcomic is a natural extension of jumping around forums and advocating causes.

REBELUTION is a new webcomic trying to put together a faint image of what being in comics can entail. 5 pages and a cover at launch, with a few more to be added each week. It lives in its own site, which makes it the 10th web site in our portal. Click the images to go to the beginning of the story.

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