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New Hefetz Baby

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It’s been a busy few days with a lot to report about recent web activity relating to this site.  But before we get into that, a little good news for the family with the birth of my daughter’s first baby boy on Tuesday morning. Congratulations to Moshe and Oshrat Hefetz for making us twice the grandparents. Things will be a little busy on all fronts for the next couple of weeks as the young couple will be staying by us and adding to an already rigorous home environment.  We wouldn’t have it any other way, actually.


Onto the web-neighborhood news:


  • Jim Shelley is one of the participants in Flashback Universe, a delightful blog bridging the Golden and Digital Ages. In a recent post, Today Mars, Tomorrow the Universe! he collects the Martian Manhunter series I drew in 1976 and bridges it to the Campaign to Save J’onn J’onzz from January 2008: “The art in this run was primarily by Mike Netzer (as Mike Nasser) (remember that guy? He often got tagged as a Neal Adams clone, but he was really too good for such a lazy tag as that.) Netzer must have really gotten attached to the Martian Manhunter, because years later, when there were rumors that MM would be killed as the kickoff event of Final Crisis, Netzer posted a very sincere plea to DC to spare the Green Gumshoe.” Much gratitude for the kind sentiment, Mr. Shelley.



  • Armageddon Diplomacy has received a little coverage, starting with web pioneer and good friend Rik Offenberger at First Comics News. Next up was Rick Veitch and Steve Conley‘s ground breaking The Pulse, which has been covering a good part of the activity here recently. Many thanks good sirs.



FBCC Sketches | Martian Manhunter



Old Martian Manhunter Sketch


From 1977. Via Will King, who purchased it on eBay about a year ago.


Martian Manhunter’s Favorite Blog


The special affinity I’ve cultivated with The Idol-Head of Diabolu Martian Manhunter blog appears to have become reciprocal, to the degree that I’ve become perhaps the creator most related to, or identified with, this wonderful ongoing chronicle of the life and times of J’onn J’onzz. And it seems to become more so when the rotating banner and design of the site lands on the one I was inspired to produce for it couple of years ago, as is the case now.

As I’ve become so busy drawing actual comic books again, rather than just talking about them, and have far less time to post than I’d like to, I haven’t been able to respond to a series of posts there relating to my work. But this is a good time to point to a couple of items that carry an added biographical value. Presently at the top of the site is Frank-Lee Delano’s short biographical profile of myself that sums up my comics career and some extra-curricular activities quite nicely, Creators of Mars: Michael Nasser/Netzer. Some time ago he also ran a summation and links to the Whizzard fanzine interview I gave back the days before leaving the U.S. for Israel. 1980 Whizzard Fanzine Cover Art by Michael Nasser and Terry Austin. This interview was not the most cohesive I’ve given and it came at a volatile time when I was wrestling with some rather big ideas and attempting to articulate them for the first time, while running against the wind of the workplace I conducted the interview from, which was Continuity Studios of 1980. So, it is interesting, in hindsight, that Whizzard decided to run it at all, and even gave it a rather complimentary introduction. I’ve been wondering when someone in comics will notice this interview or comment on it because it does stand out in its ambition, at least, if not in the actual clarity with which it’s expressed. A couple of additional posts, here and here, feature some convention sketches I’ve done with the Martian over the years.

I know that all this isn’t enough to make Idol-Head a favorite Martian Manhunter blog. It only adds a touch of appreciation to all of the other marvelous content there. Frank-Lee Delano doesn’t miss a beat and is dedicated to this site as if it was was a primary bread and butter enterprise. So do visit and have an updated look of what’s new with the resurrected Martian. The darkest days appear to be behind the DC Universe of late, and old favorites are shining in brightest day again, as is the Idol-Head of Diabolu. Seems like a good sign for aficionados of illuminated environs.


Around the Neighborhood



Dick Giordano has been hospitalized with acute chronic Lukemia. Daniel Best reposted a compilation of colleagues’ thoughts from Dick’s Hall of fame page at the Inkwell Awards. Cards and letters can be sent to:

Dick Giordano
c/o  Florida Hospital Oceanside,
264 S. Atlantic Ave.
Ormond Beach,
FL 32176


Gracious Gail Simone makes me blush on Twitter: “Mike Netzer still draws like a bandit. Love that guy’s art. What a fun LSH shot!” [Link to Legion of Super-Heroes commission]


Tom Hartley’s nice introduction to the mock-up 2010 Martian Manhunter DC Archives at Idol-Head of Diabolu includes an excerpt telling why I revived J’onn J’onzz big brow after it disappeared for several decades. Frank Lee Delano relates the entire story in a follow-up post.


Some rough layouts for commissions in the works:

Batman Arkham







Commission | Martian Manhunter


J’onn J’onzz the Manhunter from Mars is a character I’m identified with from a short 3-issue miniseries in Adventure comics, 1976-77.  Two years ago, fandom rallied around a campaign to persuade DC Comics not to kill him in Final Crisis. The best place to read about my involvement with the character is at Frank Lee Delano’s Idol-Head of Diabolu blog.

To inquire about art commissions, go here.

Click image for larger view.


The December of Despero


Frank Lee Delano, keeper of The Idol-Head of Diabolu blog, chronicling the affairs of J’onn J’onzz the Martian Manhunter, has been running a month long article and image fest on the villain Despero. Frank was a big inspiration last year when we ran the campaign to save J’onn J’onzz from the death-grip of DC editorial plans. He’s also run a hefty amount of reviews of my Manhunter series from 1976, along with other mentions.

So, a moment before the end of the year, while still in December, here’s a quick Despero sketch for the Idol-Head, and a Happy New Year shoutout to Frank, and all the friends in his healthy and happy circle of bloggers.

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