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Another Legion Race Commission



Legion-Pets Race Commission

Legion Super-Pets Race Commission


Here’s a just finished commission followed by the cover it was based on, by Neal Adams.


Legion Green Lantern

LSH/Green Lantern Commission



First Legion Appearance Re-Creation

New Legion Art on eBay


Those were the days my friends
we thought they’d never end

We didn’t even need flight rings to soar

Only our home-made rockets
Leaving a trail of smoke rings

Those were the days, oh yes those were the days

The first appearance of the Legion of Super Heroes re-interpreted from the iconic splash page in Adventure Comics #247, April 1958. Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino.

11.5″ X 16.5″, tonal pencil drawing on 240 gr bristol.

A classic re-interpretation of simpler and more innocent days… and a treat for all Legion lovers.

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Legion Race 4

Commission | Legion Race IV


Last of the series of four commissions, Legion Races.  Championship race between 3 semi-finalist winners, Supergirl, Mon-el and XS. based on Flash #109 cover by Oscar Jimenez.  XS leaves the competition in the dust.

Legion Race 3

Commission | Legion Race III


Third in the series of four commissions. Supergirl Vs. Dawnstar, based on Flash #209 cover by Michael Turner. The fourth and last will be the championship race between the previous three winners.

Legion Race 2

Commission | Legion Race II


Second in the series of four commissions. Ultra Boy against Mon-El, based on Flash #175 cover by Carmine Infantino and Mike Esposito. One more such competition, after which, the fourth will be the championship race between the previous three winners.

Legion Race 1

Commission | Legion Race I


First in a series of four commissions. Connor Kent Superboy against XS, based on World’s Finest #198 cover by Curt Swan. There will be two more such races. The fourth will be the championship race between the previous three winners.

Legion #231 Splash

Commission | LSH Recreation


A brand new recreation of Legion of Super Heroes #231 splash of second story, page 33. 1976.  Originally inked by the late great Jack Abel.

The wonder of Facebook is bringing a lot of people in the comics community together. One such recent acquaintance for me is with TV/Film/Comics writer Adam Beechen. I was surprised when he contacted me about doing this recreation as it’s been one of my favorite pages of that era.

Our ensuing discussions around this piece revolved around the spirit of the times when young talent was injecting new life into the medium. Not trying to re-invent the wheel, as Adam said, but rather trying to build on all that’s preceded and striving to inject it with a new vibrancy. It takes a little knowledge of comics history and at least a pinch of respect for it, which seems to elude some young artists today, who are caught up in the frenzy of competitive post-neo-modernism.

Adam has revived good memories and perception of that time – and practices what he preaches in his own writing. Many thanks Mr. Beechen for the fine ride.

Legion, Bouncing Boy

Commissions | LSH Adaptations


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