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The Sidekick Foundation


A New Friend to Creators in Need

Clifford Meth will announce at the New York Comic Con on Sunday that he’s founded The Sidekick Foundation and is scheduled to launch its first fundraising activity at the show.

The Sidekick Foundation is a new confederacy that seeks to generously aid comics creators in need of financial and medical assistance. Sidekick’s board of directors and advisors consists of established, respected comics professionals who have agreed to support the organization’s initiative which, in its first year, shall be to donate 90% of all generated proceeds directly to those in need.

Clifford’s been active in helping comics creators who’ve fallen into difficult times by raising community support and funds for their benefit. His efforts began with the late Dave Cockrum, and more recently focused on the departed Gene Colan. Both creators were able to finish the last segment of their lives considerably better off, mainly through grants from Marvel Comics that Clifford negotiated. In both cases he put his public relations savvy to work and convinced Marvel that it was in their best interest to help these seminal contributors to the Marvel ethos. He’s also been involved in numerous other such drives, particularly with William Messner-Loebs and some others not widely known of. He’s been of the more vociferous campaigners for the disparate plight of comics creators in the last decade.

Without getting into conditions that can leave creators in financial dire straits when calamity strikes, especially considering the wealth many have generated for major publishers, the need for this effort perhaps comes from knowing that the only the other organization dedicated to the same cause, Hero Initiative, has become somewhat top heavy and expends nearly 50% of its funds on administrative and management expenses. One of the concerns I’ve heard of late was whether the comics community can afford to support two such organization simultaneously. I find this perhaps a little over-protective because looking at the breadth of the comics community, there seems to be no shortage of generous contributions when a cause is deemed necessary. And with another effort in the mix, we might see a tendency for everyone to streamline their expenses in order to remain attractive as a charitable cause. Human nature and social dynamics would also suggest that the presence of another such body will mean more public awareness for needy cases, which is likely to also increase the scope of donations.

It should rather perhaps be seen as a step towards more efficient ways of providing relief for creators under mitigating conditions. Thinking of the hundreds of artists and writers who are not working in the field, any of whom could fall into distress at any moment, I’d think there’s room for not only two, but perhaps a few more such organizations in order to help level the playing field.

Sidekick’s Board of Advisors includes Neal Adams, Harlan Ellison, Joe Sinnott, Tom Palmer, Herb Trimpe, and Morris Berger (former president of IDT Entertainment and chairman of IDW Publishing).

A website is in the works for The Sidekick Foundation. In the meantime there’s a holding page with basic information and a contact link for perusal at the domain.



Old Aardwolf Web Site

New Web Site for Aardwolf Publishing


For a few years in the early 2000’s, I worked with multimedia and PR companies in Israel, building web sites for companies beginning to use the internet. It’s where I gained the experience to produce and maintain this site complex.

Aside from my own sites (and Clifford Meth’s Aardwolf Signatures), I haven’t really engaged in it professionally for other clients since then. But when Jim Reeber and Clifford contacted me recently about revamping Aardwolf Publishing‘s web site, I thought it would be a worthwhile divergence from the drawing and writing for the comics periphery that takes up most of my time these days.

Back in 2005, I wrote a short profile of Aardwolf at Flaming Sword Productions. This home-grown enterprise, owned and managed by Jim Reeber, has since produced a few more books along the same lines of dark-fiction narrative and artist treasuries that have become their flagship genres. These new publications include, MethO.D, Meth Colan & Other Theologians, The Whorehouse Madrigals, and Marvel’s Invincible Gene Colan… all mostly written and/or edited by the prolific Clifford Meth.

I’ve always held Clifford’s writing and friendship in dearest regard. Jim Reeber’s dedication to keeping masters of literature and comics art in the limelight through Aardwolf, is an inspiration that has also transformed into a friendship no less dear over the years. Producing a web site for this fabulous duo is nothing but a rare privilege.

It’s an extensive site with a lot to see and read about. Powered by WordPress and Dukapress for e-commerce, I modified its templates to remove blog features so it looks more like a commercial site. Have a look and peruse through their Comics & Books catalogue. Then maybe check out the shopping system and place an order for a publication that strikes your fancy. Click the image below to go to the site.

Ovie Mughelli

Ovie Mughelli is Making Comics



For immediate release:

“Ovie Mughelli, Pro Bowl fullback for the Atlanta Falcons, will be announcing his own comics property later this week. The project is being developed in conjunction with writer Clifford Meth (Snaked from IDW) and artist Michael Netzer (Batman, Superboy, Web of Spider-Man). Mughelli, who had a breakout 2010 Pro Bowl season, signed a six-year, $18 million contract with a $5 million signing bonus on March 2, 2007 with the Falcons, the largest contract given to a fullback in NFL history at the time.”

The 31 year old American football player will soon have his own comic strip. Sitting and reading a comic book is a hearty way to relax and it makes a perfect break if you’re doing some work or just playing games like Party poker online. Clifford Meth – known for his dark fiction, including Crawling from the Wreckage and Snaked – will be working on the comic book, along with artist Michael Netzer, who has worked for Marvel and DC comics.


Have Peace, Gene


Clifford Meth reports that Gene Colan is no longer with us.



Finishing GL/GA #76 Cover


Green Lantern/Green Arrow #76 Cover Commission

Commission in Progress | GL/GA #76


For Clifford Meth’s private collection. Neal Adams’ Green Lantern/Green Arrow #76 cover. 11X17 in full color. I bought some dyes like Dr. Martin’s for this and have some acrylics also. I’ll likely ink it with a little grey wash and mostly color with dyes, using some acrylics if needed. We’ll soon see.

Captain America #111 Steranko

New Cap & Subby Commissions


This wasn’t on the list of cover recreations with Gene Colan for Clifford Meth and Aardwolf Signatures, but some recent talk about Steranko on Facebook compelled me to go for it solo.

I tried drawing this cover several times at around 15-16 as part of training. Jim Steranko’s Captain America touched a chord of what design and innovative storytelling can add to the comics narrative. Every panel and page of his in this period were the riveting essence of what we today call awesome. Though the medium lost an important innovator as he gradually stepped out of the mainstream, it gained an articulate and thorough researcher and historian in Steranko’s History of the Comics and Mediascene magazine. Revisiting this cover closes a big circle with one of the images that drew me into the medium and continues to capture the imagination of comics lovers 40 years later.


Sub-Mariner #8 recreation. 2nd in a new series of collaborations with Gene Colan for Clifford Meth’s Aardwolf Signatures. Gene will finish the Sub-Mariner figure and bring it together with the background.

A website for perusing and ordering from Aardwolf Signatures will soon go live. Meantime, for more info or reserving this piece, please contact Clifford Meth.

I grew up on John Buscema’s art along with Kirby, Steranko, Colan and the host of Marvel masters. It was humbling to finish some of Buscema’s Conan breakdowns for Joe Rubinstein around 1978. Amazing how his art remained engaging, exciting and clear considering how much work he produced. Even under the scrutiny of an artist community, the work always left us in awe as much as it was consistently flawless.

Daredevil #43

Commission Collaborations


Gene Colan and I are collaborating on a series of favorite cover re-constructions. They’re produced as a new line of original art from Clifford Meth’s Aardwolf Signatures. A website for perusing and ordering from Aardwolf Signatures will soon go live. Meantime anyone interested in more info or reserving this piece, can contact Clifford Meth (See contact form on this site).

Daredevil #43. Finished pencil. I’ve brought it to this stage and Gene will finish the Daredevil figure which is only laid out lightly. He’ll also tweak anything he feels necessary to achieve a unified look to the pencils.

There’s something about working over a Jack Kirby image that takes me to another world as an artist. Tasking at first until Kirby’s thinking begins to seep in. Once there, a re-discovery of his genius that simplified the most complex shapes and movements into a symphony of mythic proportions.


The Clifford Meth Portfolio


I’ve likely been staring at this blank blog sheet even longer than Clifford did at his. The Art of Responsibility and the Responsibility of Art is more than a clever twist of a phrase. It is also a shared sentiment that we both find ourselves immersed in, even when the throes of life nearly succeed at making us feel less artistic or responsible.  A shared sentiment that’s forged a friendship through years of intersecting pursuit in our distinct venues within the comics community and periphery.

Clifford Meth’s accomplishments as a writer, his efforts on behalf of comics creators and his humanitarian approach to solving problems are no secret.  Perhaps it’s this benevolent streak that’s also driven him from one professional pursuit to another. While employment opportunities fluctuate with seasons, one mainstay for Clifford has been the representation of Gene Colan and The Dave Cockrum Estate for everything concerning their art.  It is a promising and budding portfolio that I’ve watched grow from his deeply rooted conviction in the need for more fairness and justice for the comics creator community.

2010 was a very good year. A return to working with Joe Rubinstein on commissioned art and a return to a few high profile comics projects, capped by an invitation to the 2010 Detroit Fanfare. All heralding an upgrade from my  ground-base activity on the web for nearly a decade now. They also highlight the need for better access to more – and better organization in managing it.

So, I asked Clifford recently about the possibility that he’d also add me to his growing  portfolio. The answer came in the link above to his blog.  It is not an exaggeration to say that it took a few hours to recover from his talent as a delightfully devious wordsmith of the profound.

It is a pleasure and privilege to announce that Clifford and I are upgrading a dear friendship into an artist/agent relationship that seeks to maintain, together, the distinct momentum we’ve both enjoyed in 2010.  The arrangement also touches on a little more.  An announcement (and link to a new website) will soon follow, on the founding of Aardwolf Signatures, a new business framework for Clifford Meth and for the growing ranks of artists he represents.


Dave Cockrum’s Futurians Return


Last month Clifford Meth announced the return of Dave Cockrum’s Futurians by comics creator and publisher David Miller. More on this project was reported at Comic Book Resource’s Robot 6 blog.

David Miller, a true lover of Dave Cockrum’s creation, purchased the rights for this series and is producing it almost single-handedly.

In a video address for a fundraising drive at KICKSTARTER, his passion and sacrifice for the project dominate the plea to comics fandom for reviving what is perhaps the most prolific work of the late great Dave Cockrum, With nearly 6 weeks to go, the drive is way short of its announced goal. Visitors are urged to watch David Miller’s video address and get a feeling for the scope of the undertaking.

Everyone who contributes towards the success of the drive will be contributing to keeping alive the marvelous legacy of the legendary and dearly loved comics creator whom Dave Cockrum was.

For now, issue #2 of Dave Cockrum’s Futurians appears in the June solicitation of Diamond Previews, page 285. It was a special privilege for me to work with David Miller on producing the cover for this book and it hasn’t been easy to refrain from posting it here.

Everyone is urged to support this project in any way possible, whether by purchasing the book or by making a pledge at KICKSTARTER to help ensure its continued production.

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