About Michael

Michael Netzer is an artist, writer and activist in the entertainment and communications mediums.

Bred in the American comic book industry since the mid-1970’s, his work on Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Legion of Superheroes and others established him as a notable contributor to the medium.

He continued into social and humanitarian pursuits, incorporating theological, historical and philosophical influences into his work. He relocated to Israel in the mid-1980’s and diversified into a range of interests and professions.

He lectures on cultural and evolutionary trends at various forums, including spontaneous gatherings in the Israeli outdoors such as the Dead Sea area and Sea of Galilee beaches.

His web sites touch on issues in and around the comics community, including socio-political, theological, and the sciences.





Michael Netzer at NY Big Apple Comics Convention, November 2007.

Photo by Rich Johnston at the New York Big Apple Convention, 2007.


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