Gan Golan and Erich Origen, creators of The Adventures of Unemployed Man that I illustrated a chapter in, have been visibly active as official Super-Hero representatives of the Occuppy Wall Street movement. Now Gan Golan, true to finest activist tradition, has partnered in an affilliate movement, ArtIsMyOccupation, for the benefit of creators from the broad range of the arts. Here’s the press release, have a look and show some support if inclined.




Hello Occupy Artists, Musicians, Performers, Printmakers and Pranksters!

We are culture workers. We are part of the 99%. And today, we are excited to be launching a new project to support occupy artists, called ArtIsMyOccupation.

ArtIsMyOccupation (AMO) is a project founded by artists and for artists who are involved in Occupy and other movements for Economic Justice. Our sole mission is getting artists who are working on the front lines of social change the resources they need.

Have a great idea for a project? Apply for a grant.
Want to collaborate other Occupy artists or campaigns? Get Connected
Want to see what upcoming mass actions to create work for? Get inspired

We are now accepting applicants for the first round of grants. Visit our website for more information.

Find AMO online:

Be sure to JOIN so we can update you about ongoing opportunities to receive support. Also, anyone can donate to the AMO Artists’ Fund, where 100% goes to the 99%.