We met online some years ago when Steven Bové became an enthusiastic supporter of this site complex. Upon hearing about my excursions into the Judea Desert areas, he sent me a package full of camping utilities, part of which I still use today. After returning from one of these outings, a box of his Comic Cartoonists Workbook publications had arrived and a few of the books have become a source of information and inspiration to a handful of aspiring young local comics creators. We finally met and spent a little time together at the New York 2007 Big Apple Convention. He’s been active on Facebook of late, nurturing a growing presence in the online comics community.

Steven has been working in and around the comics industry since the 1980′s, including contributions for major publishers DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Archie and Eros Comix. He’s been an independent publisher of Battle Bug’s Brigade and The Comic Cartoonist’s Workbook, a primer for young aspiring comics artists. He produced the first rock musician/band profile comic strip, Rock Opera, serialized in a Connecticut newspaper. He’s been a graphic designer, storyboard artist, and instructor. He works today as Creative Director for an energy conservation utility company.

For Day, For Night is Steven’s most recent comics work, a compelling story delivered in a unique graphic format. An intriguing project that’s still awaiting a publication arrangement, which makes it difficult to review because it’s not clear when it’ll be available. But it is a powerful romance told in first-person narration, delivered in single-panel, horizontal page format. The art is striking and expressive, a sharp departure from his previous comics work, jumping head first into experimental black and white, charcoal-like vignette territory. The writing is candid, sensitive and sometimes brutal. It slides between an absolute sense of self-security and a feeling of the ground dropping beneath the author’s feet. A virtual emotional roller coaster through a hard hitting urban love story gone wrong.

It’s not an easy time for publisher speculation on such a project that’s not embedded in the comics mainstream. Here’s hoping For Day, For Night finds a home in the periphery and sees publication soon. It’s a worthy and charged story that fits well into an alternative niche, of the type that are becoming more common of late.