Last year I drew a cover for Kfir, one of the titles in Ofer Zanzuri’s self-publishing comics enterprise here in Israel, Zanzuria Comics. It was the first of a three issue series. The remaining two issues are in final stages of production and will be published in the next couple of weeks.

Like so many Israeli creators, it’s a pretty amazing effort that has little to no financial backing from commercial publishers. The conditions here are that all Israeli comics seeing publication are doing so primarily through the dedication of the creators producing them. I’ve also been involved in background discussions with Ofer about Biblical history and undercurrents that Kfir is based on.

Ofer colored the cover to issue #2 (above left). It was nice to see the collaboration with the multi-talented creator. I went on to color the 3rd issue cover, mainly because we had a little more time for it than we’d originally thought. It is a sort of side-step from the direction I’ve been going in with commissioned art, as it takes me back to digital media and a more conventional drawing style. Here is the art for the last two covers I just finished.