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“Ovie Mughelli, Pro Bowl fullback for the Atlanta Falcons, will be announcing his own comics property later this week. The project is being developed in conjunction with writer Clifford Meth (Snaked from IDW) and artist Michael Netzer (Batman, Superboy, Web of Spider-Man). Mughelli, who had a breakout 2010 Pro Bowl season, signed a six-year, $18 million contract with a $5 million signing bonus on March 2, 2007 with the Falcons, the largest contract given to a fullback in NFL history at the time.”

The 31 year old American football player will soon have his own comic strip. Sitting and reading a comic book is a hearty way to relax and it makes a perfect break if you’re doing some work or just playing games like Party poker online. Clifford Meth – known for his dark fiction, including Crawling from the Wreckage and Snaked – will be working on the comic book, along with artist Michael Netzer, who has worked for Marvel and DC comics.