Our good friend Bill Nichols has launched his own new web site, Comics Mentor.

I’ve known Bill on the web for years now. He is a source of support and inspiration in as much as he’s also the marvelous editor of Sketch Magazine, who’s raising a generation of new artists and instilling them with zest and zeal for the craft of creating comics books. I’ve joined Bill and other industry professionals in judging the engaging art contests at Blue Line Pro and Afterburn Media forums, operated by comics creator, Sketch publisher and entrepreneur, Robert W. Hickey. Bill is the consumate inspirational motivator and his new web site reaches out to awaken ambition.

Well, I’ll ask you: What do you want to do?

We all have our list of hopes and dreams, things we want to accomplish in this life. Sometimes, that list goes in the opposite direction of the things we have to do. We have obligations to our families, our jobs, our friends, etc, but we also have some obligations to ourselves.

Don’t forget that: You have an obligation to yourself.

I’m not saying that you should be selfish in that; I mean that you should look for a way to balance those things.  Find ways to take steps forward that benefit you as well as your family. Will the classes you take at a community college help you get a better job that helps your family’s financial picture? Things like that. The things you do not only affect you but those around you. Strive to make it work.

You know your own situation, so you can start right now with a list or two. Get those  thought processes going!

Bill is also a talented artist and prudent purveyor of the human soul. His choice to kick off his new web site with a nudge into the subconscious tells volumes about wisdom that understands what people need to hear most in these times, and displays the courage needed to deliver it.

Nicely done and best wishes for an exuberant ride ahead, Mr. Nichols.