This wasn’t on the list of cover recreations with Gene Colan for Clifford Meth and Aardwolf Signatures, but some recent talk about Steranko on Facebook compelled me to go for it solo.

I tried drawing this cover several times at around 15-16 as part of training. Jim Steranko’s Captain America touched a chord of what design and innovative storytelling can add to the comics narrative. Every panel and page of his in this period were the riveting essence of what we today call awesome. Though the medium lost an important innovator as he gradually stepped out of the mainstream, it gained an articulate and thorough researcher and historian in Steranko’s History of the Comics and Mediascene magazine. Revisiting this cover closes a big circle with one of the images that drew me into the medium and continues to capture the imagination of comics lovers 40 years later.


Sub-Mariner #8 recreation. 2nd in a new series of collaborations with Gene Colan for Clifford Meth’s Aardwolf Signatures. Gene will finish the Sub-Mariner figure and bring it together with the background.

A website for perusing and ordering from Aardwolf Signatures will soon go live. Meantime, for more info or reserving this piece, please contact Clifford Meth.

I grew up on John Buscema’s art along with Kirby, Steranko, Colan and the host of Marvel masters. It was humbling to finish some of Buscema’s Conan breakdowns for Joe Rubinstein around 1978. Amazing how his art remained engaging, exciting and clear considering how much work he produced. Even under the scrutiny of an artist community, the work always left us in awe as much as it was consistently flawless.