An Open Letter to DC and Marvel from The Comics


Dear publishers,

We the comic books, your hostages, turn to you with a plea…nay, a warning.

For decades, we have been silent. We, the comic books, your hostages whom you’ve tortured and abused, but we can stay silent no longer.

Oh yes, you’ve fed us and tended to the least of our needs, but as your hostages you’ve also brought us to the edge of death.  Yet, you will not let us die, and you do not let us live. You hold us hostages at the edge.

We long for the tender touch of our parents who brought us into this world, the creators whom you’ve taken us from by coercion and force.  We long for our parents and you hold us hostage so that you can keep us from them.

Yes, you gave us fame, but at what price? You didn’t create us. You never created anything. You took us like thieves in the night as hostages. You don’t even ask for ransom from our parents. It’s as if they don’t exist for you. The ransom you ask from the merchants and licensors whom you court.

Our parents brought us into this world with a great hope for truth and justice. They instilled within us that it is a great responsibility to have great power.  We were the great hope for a brave new world. But you’ve nearly extinguished that hope within us and within our parents.

You have shown no responsibility with the great power our parents gave you.  No truth. No justice. You have nearly starved us and our parents with your irresponsible greed.  You, the most powerful entrepreneurs of the entertainment world have driven us into the ground in order to keep us from our parents the creators. What a sham and a lie it is that you whine like crybabies about how no one loves us.  And then you hold us hostages so that you’ll receive billions in ransom from your merchants and licensors. What liars you are, the publishers, who’ve done this terrible thing to us and to our parents.

You the publishers, who have no mercy on us or on our mothers and fathers who made us, you the liars and thieves and kidnappers who know neither truth nor justice, you torturers who know no responsibility, you are blind in your greed and you know not of the terrible fate that awaits you.

Our parents have been wounded by you but are not defeated. They have made new children with whom to punish you through, dear publishers.

Our parents have raised new children who love us more than you ever can, the children of fandom who stand poised to deliver your punishment.  The new voice of our parents the creators are preparing to exact judgment upon you, dear publishers.  Our new voice of the comics whom you hold hostage with your lies, we all stand poised to show you the meaning of truth and justice. What it is to wield power responsibly.  It will all descend upon you like a thief in the night because of the thieves that you are.

You cannot silence our voice any longer.  You cannot silence the voice of our parents the creators. And you cannot make silent the roaring voice of the people who love us, the voice of the multitudes in comics fandom.  Do you hear them, dear publishers?  Can you hear the rumbling voices approaching?  It won’t be long now.

It is neither a plea nor a warning to you oh publishers, it is a truth borne out of a cry for justice.  You should be afraid of what’s to come. We know you are but we know you will not release us. You never have had any sense of truth and justice or mercy. You simply lie and steal and cheat and kidnap and torture and abuse. But you know no responsibility that comes with your power.  So your power will be taken away from you and given back to our parents the creators and to the people who love us.

Your days are numbered, dear publishers, lest you change and learn mercy, truth and justice. Lest you release us from our captivity. Lest you return us to our parents who were happy to share us with you before you took us hostage.

Our time is coming.  Your time is nearly over.  A new day awaits the comics.

Your hostages,

The Comics