It was commissioned by someone who has accompanied me and my career since we first met some 30+ years ago at a convention.  He asked that I not mention him by name if I can help it.  Well, it’s not easy because this good friend and avid supporter of my art since way back when, has waited patiently for years for this sketch. What’s more, and just like any other encounter we’ve had at conventions, he’s always stayed near, listening and talking about comics, the arts and artists . He is one of the more perceptive of the people I’ve spent time with and eschews the mad rush for artist popularity advanced by mainstream publishers because it ends up working to the detriment of most creators. In knowing all this, he strives to reward artists he admires far more handsomely than what the art market suggests.  It’s an honor and privilege to call such a man my friend.

Here is the commission, my first inking on paper in ages.  His art gallery can be seen here: