I’ve likely been staring at this blank blog sheet even longer than Clifford did at his. The Art of Responsibility and the Responsibility of Art is more than a clever twist of a phrase. It is also a shared sentiment that we both find ourselves immersed in, even when the throes of life nearly succeed at making us feel less artistic or responsible.  A shared sentiment that’s forged a friendship through years of intersecting pursuit in our distinct venues within the comics community and periphery.

Clifford Meth’s accomplishments as a writer, his efforts on behalf of comics creators and his humanitarian approach to solving problems are no secret.  Perhaps it’s this benevolent streak that’s also driven him from one professional pursuit to another. While employment opportunities fluctuate with seasons, one mainstay for Clifford has been the representation of Gene Colan and The Dave Cockrum Estate for everything concerning their art.  It is a promising and budding portfolio that I’ve watched grow from his deeply rooted conviction in the need for more fairness and justice for the comics creator community.

2010 was a very good year. A return to working with Joe Rubinstein on commissioned art and a return to a few high profile comics projects, capped by an invitation to the 2010 Detroit Fanfare. All heralding an upgrade from my  ground-base activity on the web for nearly a decade now. They also highlight the need for better access to more – and better organization in managing it.

So, I asked Clifford recently about the possibility that he’d also add me to his growing  portfolio. The answer came in the link above to his blog.  It is not an exaggeration to say that it took a few hours to recover from his talent as a delightfully devious wordsmith of the profound.

It is a pleasure and privilege to announce that Clifford and I are upgrading a dear friendship into an artist/agent relationship that seeks to maintain, together, the distinct momentum we’ve both enjoyed in 2010.  The arrangement also touches on a little more.  An announcement (and link to a new website) will soon follow, on the founding of Aardwolf Signatures, a new business framework for Clifford Meth and for the growing ranks of artists he represents.