Jazma Online is a forum format website on comics, art, movies and entertainment.  VP Richard Vasseur is behind the interview section which sports some of the more interesting figures in comics and the arts.  An interview with myself has just been added to the mix:

I’d also say that more often than not, publishers and editors have turned to me with style expectations related to my earlier work at the onset of my career. It’s not easy to deflect such requests if I want the work. But I’ve changed quite a bit since those days, and would really rather just be left alone regarding the style I work in. I’d prefer knowing a publisher or editor relies on my experience and ability to experiment with the work. I’m not so entrenched in the methods I initially trained myself to work in. Far more interested in approaching the art with as little preconceived notions as possible. Maybe a little late now, after more than 35 years, but that’s where I’m at and I’ve shown a versatility in recent work that’s said to be quite unique. Not sure that it is, but I’m far more inclined towards embracing a little more freedom in thought and approach. This might be something that DC or Marvel could be interested in today and possibly open a door somewhere. But it’ll take a little bit of initiative from someone there to reach out for it, and I await such a possibility with open arms.

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