More on Clifford Meth and Comics Bulletin

Jason Sacks, good long time pal of Clifford Meth and editor-in-chief at Comics Bulletin, commented on the previous item, Meth on Meth, explaining, as was hoped here, that there’s no fallout at all between Clifford and Jason Brice over the story.

Hey Michael - Not sure if you knew this, but Jason Brice also lost his mother in a sudden accident earlier this week. He’s going through family hell at the same time that this issue flared up.

We both love having Cliff on the site and are delighted he’s returned. We’re also glad he’s taken this article to a site that has agreed to publish it.

The fact that Cliff’s column isn’t on the Columns page has nothing to do with this piece. Before his mom’s passing, Jason had been busy with work and simply hadn’t had a chance to update that page.

I’d love to hear what you think of other content on the site!

First, our deepest condolences to Jason Brice.  Distant as we are physically, Jason is a dear friend with a vested interest in our site complex, hosting its content and nurturing its expanse for nearly 6 years (Silver Bullet Hosting), soon after launch of the first website. Over the years, I’ve come to know in Jason Brice a kind man and exceptional achiever, building the Comics Bulletin complex, brick by brick from its former incarnation of Silver Bullet, and bringing it to the forefront of comics news, reviews, commentary and interview sites. Jason combines an excellent knowledge of the technical side of server hosting systems with his love for the comics medium, bringing in diverse talent from across the comics community to deliver a unique flavor of comics journalism, peppered with a professionalism and comprehensive outlook that’s become a pride of the comics world.  I was shocked and saddened to hear the news late last night and can only hope for a spirit of comfort to rest upon the bereaved heart in this difficult time –  in the name of everyone who’s affiliated with our site and who knows of Jason’s outstanding contribution to its continued growth and to the comics culture.

Many thanks for the comment and clarification, Jason S.  Wishing you, Jason B, Clifford and Comics Bulletin best of continued growth and looking forward to much more of the wonderfully delivered content.