Away from home and electronic talk for several months now. Traversing summer heat and impending winter at Ein Gedi on the Dead Sea. Preparing for the last leg of a journey in the outdoors. Raising a voice and spirit slumbering in the lost corridors of a bustling world. Resurrecting a will to stand up to the rampant march of a system that tramples the people astray with despair.

This is the last post of the portal web site. We’ll meet again in a new environment when events gain wings. Heartfelt gratitude to all who are a part of it and a call for many more to join as signs become evident.

Images below were drawn recently at Ein Gedi during breaks between drawing portraits for the people. They are mostly a glimpse of the embryo story unraveling. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon as the it grows and rises into wider awareness.

Photos taken two weeks ago at Ein Gedi during a visit by Ofer Zanzuri, Ravit and David.

Ofer Zanzuri (center) with David

Ravit, prime photographer, musician and soul searcher



Joe Kubert’s life, career and legacy are perhaps best chronicled at the Comics Reporter here and here.  We’d met only once or twice in New York during the late 70’s. He was close to the heart of everyone who knew him. A soulful craftsman of exquisite fluidity only matched by his warm, wise and humane bearing. But it was during our meeting here in Israel last year that we could finally connect on issues dear to the comics industry and the world. Joe shared many of the same concerns all people of insight do. He navigated an expansive discussion that neither one of us seemed to want to end. A precious time together at the museum recorded by video director Elad Rut for a future project. Below are a few stills. Godspeed to you dear Joe.


RICHARD CALDWELL | The Lottery Party

Richard Caldwell has been a friend and contributor to this site for some time. He started a few very thought provoking threads on the site forums which I’ve unfortunately had to take down due to excessive spam and my inability to maintain them and continue discussions because of being away.

Richard recently launched a new site, The Lottery Party, which is highly recommended for insightful commentary in and around the comics industry. Among his many thoughtful posts were reviews of Sciencethorlogy and the fledgling Rebelution web comic. It’s regretful to me that this site is on hiatus in light of Richard’s involvement, which is a hefty injection of the type of content it needs. But I look forward to connecting with him again down the line, perhaps under better conditions than the present limitations allow.


I should be back at Ein Gedi by tomorrow after this brief visit at home. I will be completely disengaged from everything else in order to commit myself to the outdoor environment in order to move onto the next stage. We will most likely start hearing about it around the spring of next year.

Regrets for not being able to reply to the many friends asking about my absence as time is very short right now. Best wishes go out to all.