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Away from home and electronic talk for several months now. Traversing summer heat and impending winter at Ein Gedi on the Dead Sea. Preparing for the last leg of a journey in the outdoors. Raising a voice and spirit slumbering in the lost corridors of a bustling world. Resurrecting a will to stand up to the rampant march of a system that tramples the people astray with despair.

This is the last post of the portal web site. We’ll meet again in a new environment when events gain wings. Heartfelt gratitude to all who are a part of it and a call for many more to join as signs become evident.

Images below were drawn recently at Ein Gedi during breaks between drawing portraits for the people. They are mostly a glimpse of the embryo story unraveling. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon as the it grows and rises into wider awareness.

Photos taken two weeks ago at Ein Gedi during a visit by Ofer Zanzuri, Ravit and David.

Ofer Zanzuri (center) with David

Ravit, prime photographer, musician and soul searcher



Joe Kubert’s life, career and legacy are perhaps best chronicled at the Comics Reporter here and here.  We’d met only once or twice in New York during the late 70’s. He was close to the heart of everyone who knew him. A soulful craftsman of exquisite fluidity only matched by his warm, wise and humane bearing. But it was during our meeting here in Israel last year that we could finally connect on issues dear to the comics industry and the world. Joe shared many of the same concerns all people of insight do. He navigated an expansive discussion that neither one of us seemed to want to end. A precious time together at the museum recorded by video director Elad Rut for a future project. Below are a few stills. Godspeed to you dear Joe.


RICHARD CALDWELL | The Lottery Party

Richard Caldwell has been a friend and contributor to this site for some time. He started a few very thought provoking threads on the site forums which I’ve unfortunately had to take down due to excessive spam and my inability to maintain them and continue discussions because of being away.

Richard recently launched a new site, The Lottery Party, which is highly recommended for insightful commentary in and around the comics industry. Among his many thoughtful posts were reviews of Sciencethorlogy and the fledgling Rebelution web comic. It’s regretful to me that this site is on hiatus in light of Richard’s involvement, which is a hefty injection of the type of content it needs. But I look forward to connecting with him again down the line, perhaps under better conditions than the present limitations allow.


I should be back at Ein Gedi by tomorrow after this brief visit at home. I will be completely disengaged from everything else in order to commit myself to the outdoor environment in order to move onto the next stage. We will most likely start hearing about it around the spring of next year.

Regrets for not being able to reply to the many friends asking about my absence as time is very short right now. Best wishes go out to all.

John Severin

Have Peace, John Severin


From the family…

Hall of Fame artist John Severin, one of the last of the legendary EC artists, has died at age 90. Severin—whose sister Marie was also a famed artist and colorist for Marvel—was among the greatest draftsmen of the EC crew. He was especially well known for his Western comics, which were meticulously researched and elegant in their line. [,,,more at The Beat]

Never had the opportunity and privilege to meet John Severin. I had started a portrait of him some days ago to fill a missing Wikipedia biography image. But with the news, that page has been polished in the last while and a relatively recent photo has been uploaded. Heartfelt condolences to the grieving family. John is a giant among his peers.


A few recent images

Two covers for educational coloring books.


Mon-El Commission


Layouts for first two in a series of sketch covers.


Help Gary Friedrich

Gallery Menu

New Galleries



The art galleries have been in a state of migration through the various site incarnations for some time. In an effort to catch up to the present site portal, which seems to have somewhat stabilized of late, new galleries can now be viewed through these links in the main menu.

  • Covers Gallery: A complete gallery and checklist of my comic book covers, along with a few industry related publication covers as well. Listed in chronological order, the last cover in the gallery (Planet of the Apes #7) was the first professional comics assignment I’d done.
  • Portraits of the Creators: The complete gallery of Portraits of the Creators Sketchbook, becoming a robust collection that continues growing.

As the menu shows, these galleries join the Commissioned Art Gallery, FBCC Sketches and the Gateway to Other Galleries, leading to the full gallery listing in the previous site.

The nice menu with icons, along with the wonderful site engineering, is the work of Milenko Popovic in Romania, who created the site design theme, Mystique. He is a one-man operation and founder of Digital Nature, and a talented programmer and designer who provides his work under a free license such as GNU and Creative Commons. Milenko’s programming, architecture and design are some of the finest available for WordPress format.

More galleries coming soon as the migration continues.

Joe Rubinstein inking on Green Hornet.

Joe Rubinstein Inking Around


Unpublished Green Hornet Cover on eBay

Joe Rubinstein is inking the unpublished Green Hornet cover from last summer. He’s taking bids for it on eBay starting at $100, with about 9 hours left for bidding as of this post. A one of a kind original and a good deal to boot. Click image to go to auction.

Best Art Ever on Comics Alliance

Joe’s inked version of the Justice Society commission from last summer made it into Comic Alliance’s Best Art Ever for the week of Oct 14th. Click image to go to the page at CA.


REBELUTION – A New Webcomic


With so much activity around the web of late, it seemed like launching a webcomic is a natural extension of jumping around forums and advocating causes.

REBELUTION is a new webcomic trying to put together a faint image of what being in comics can entail. 5 pages and a cover at launch, with a few more to be added each week. It lives in its own site, which makes it the 10th web site in our portal. Click the images to go to the beginning of the story.

Joe Kubert's Tarzan

Joe Kubert Visits Israel


Joe Kubert, towering legend of Silver Age comics art, is scheduled to land in Israel next week, along with his son Adam Kubert, also a comics art icon, to launch an exhibit of their work at The Israeli Museum of Caricature and Comics in Holon.

The exhibit has been arranged, prepared and curated by Dorit Maya-Gur, Israeli writer/artist and creator of Falafel-Man. Dorit also studied at The Kubert School, established by Joe Kubert in the early 1970’s, where Joe and his sons Adam and Andy also serve as instructors. Partnering with Dorit in curating the exhibit is Yuval Sharon, founding partner of Comics N’ Vegetables, the Israeli comic book shop that won the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award this year.

The opening ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, August 17th, and the exhibit will open to the public the following day.

The Kuberts will spend the next few days seeing a little more of the Israeli homeland. It’s no small privilege for the Netzers to host this dear and special family for a Sabbath Eve dinner at our Ofra home.

A thrilling and historic event for Israel and its comics community cometh our way.

Commissions Gallery

New Commissions Gallery and Store


Click these links or images for the new Commissions Gallery and…


…Michael Netzer Online Store.


Happy 50th Birthday, Norm Breyfogle!


Norm Breyfogle is one of the all time seminal Batman artists. He’s also a dear friend with whom I share of the deepest and most personal thoughts and sentiments. Norm was subject of an article, Poet at Heart, July ’06, where his pen is seen to take a turn towards prose.  A landmark celebration for Norm today and of the best reasons for a new addition to Portraits of the Creators. And we simply couldn’t leave his Wikipedia biography without an image, now, could we?

May it be a joyous and eventful birthday, Norm, bringing only good tidings ahead!

Norm Breyfogle: Portraits of the Creators Sketchbook.


On the First Day of 2010

Happy New Year!

A New Year greeting I produced for JMB Factor, international patent consulting firm.

Mighty nice words from Frank Lee Delano

At his Idol-Head of Diabolu Martian Manhunter blog accompanying the Despero sketch.

Mike Nasser is probably the second most important artist to draw J’onn J’onzz after his co-creator, Joe Certa. It was Nasser who restored the beetle-brow from the character’s earliest appearances, revived his belt symbol,  designed his 1970s logo and offered a dynamic new art style that exposed the character’s potential for greatness to then-modern readers. Sadly, Nasser’s run was much too brief, and saw him illustrate only a couple of new villains, N’or Cott and R’es Eda. In recent years though Nasser, now known as Michael Netzer, has done real solid by Martian Manhunter fandom. He drew the beloved Idol-Head of Diabolu banner in 2007, then followed that up with a campaign to save Martian Manhunter from Final Crisis with his Take Me… but don’t kill J’Onn campaign in 2008. This was supported by pin-ups pairing Manhunter with the Atom (Ryan Choi), Aquaman and the Atom (Ray Palmer).

Happy New Year Frank, and all the gang whom we’ll hope to connect with soon!

Patri Balanovsky

Around the Neighborhood

Legion Movie

New film from Screen Gems, directed by Scott Stewart.  January 22nd, 2010.  Looks good.


Patri and Ilan

Two artists I worked with in 2004 at DPSI, 3D animation studio in Israel which began producing the last film that Christopher Reeve directed, before his untimely passing away. Click each image to view their marvelous portfolios.

Patri Balanovsky Ilan Buffet


Growing Earth Ranks High at Discovery

Growing Earth Theory recently received the number 2 spot for science conspiracy theories at Discovery. A very favorable review, actually, of the type which are snowballing in popular media. Click the image below to see the video.


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